Snowball Effect head of digital Peter Thomson says one challenge of a secondary market is setting a fair price

Investors not yet ready for secondary market in crowd-funded equities, platforms say

Wed 12 Jul 5

Both Snowball and its closest rival Equitise have tested the waters for a secondary market but ruled it out due to the lack of demand.

Ziahad Mohammed aims to get NZ's first property crowdfunder off the ground

Building interest in property crowdfunding

Mon 19 Jun

The country’s first property equity crowdfunding platform is attempting to get up and running.

Expat Balex Marine crowdfunding investors buy automatic boat loader from liquidators

Thu 15 Jun 1

Gait International had already taken over the management and supply chain operations for Balex's automatic boat loader.

Shoeshine: Are NZ’s equity crowdfunding regulations too light-handed?

Mon 12 Jun 4

Balex is the first equity crowdfunded company to fail since the capital raising method became legal in NZ mid-2014. Shoeshine is certain it won’t be the last.  

Balex Marine, Snowball crowdfunder participant, sunk by high costs, slow sales

Wed 17 May 6

The failure is the first by a company that's used Snowball's platform to raise funds.

Christchurch inventor capitalises on beehive health

Wed 5 Apr

Beehive technology is in demand. 


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