Kim Dotcom (Chris Keall)

Dotcom-led crowdfunding effort well shy of $7m target and, so far, $1.4m minimum

Mon 17 Oct 2

Campaign for company valued at $140m enters final days. NBR still has issues with it.

Peter Kiss: NZ’s first property crowdfunding platform is on hold

Property crowdfunders pull out over uncertain rules


Roll up, roll up! Calling all young New Zealanders who can’t get on the property ladder!

Eat My Lunch founder Lisa King

Eat My Lunch raises $800k of debt

Fri 15 Jul 4

This concludes the first p2p lending campaign PledgeMe has run.

JEREMY MUIR: Thinks the $2m cap is not really about providing a proper protection for investors

Should regulators increase the equity crowdfunding limit?

Fri 1 Jul

Regulators have been asked to review the limit on how much can be raised through equity crowdfunding raises, as the young sector starts to mature.

CityInsidr joint managing director and co-founder Matt Hockly-Holdich

Peer-to-peer travel app maker CityInsidr hits up crowd for $300k

Fri 20 May 6

The Auckland-based company this week launched its crowdfunding offer.

Nice Blocks founder James Crow

Auckland businessman designs app to measure homeless extent – seeks funding

Fri 22 Apr

There's lots of hot air about NZ's homeless problem – who's going to solve it? With special feature audio.


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