David Shearer

JOHN KEY: What has marked his career is not that he gets everything right the first time but that doesn’t double down when he stuffs up

Government de-risking as it enters election mode

Fri 14 Oct

As well as housing, immigration, poverty and his confirmed cabinet reshuffle, there’s one other major risk for which John Key needs to plan.

Andrew Little

Little’s Labour leftovers

Fri 29 Apr

What’s Left for Labour? Can it get over its “born to preach” view of the world?

On the money: When guest workers overstay

Fri 26 Feb

Australia no longer needs Kiwis to bootstrap its economy or gain rights they could not aspire to against international competition 

David Shearer

Yet another Labour slipup over its TPP stance

Fri 29 Jan 5

But who’s counting, right?

Mayoral candidate Phil Goff (Photo: Jason Walls)

If Goff could choose Mt Roskill successor, it'd be Wood

Wed 25 Nov 5

Almost 60% of NBR poll participants say from Phil Goff should resign from Parliament now, as he has officially declared his Auckland mayoralty bid - with special audio feature.

David Shearer

Labour hits back at disloyalty claims

Mon 12 Oct 4

NBR has put questions to the two former Labour party leaders over their stance on the TPP.


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