Donghua Liu

Donghua Liu (TV3)

Donghua Liu charges dropped

Tue 16 Jun 6

Donghua Liu's partner and her mother withdrew their complaints against him.

Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

Donghua Liu convicted on buildings charges

Thu 2 Oct

As first reported by the National Business Review, the charges related to a Remuera home which has a ratings value of $3.45 million and an Epsom house valued at $2.6 million

Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

Liu lawyers up

Sat 28 Jun

Paul Davison QC — best known in recent times as Kim Dotcom's lawyer — reportedly signs on to lead a team of advisors as Labour refuses to rule out legal action. UPDATED

Winston Peters

Winston Peters on Liu saga

Thu 26 Jun
Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

Liu changes story about Labour donations

Wed 25 Jun

Businessman Donghua Liu says now says he made close to $100,000 in total payments to Labour and its MPs


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