Donghua Liu

Property developer Donghua Liu is appealing on the grounds that building the fence was a permitted activity. (Photo: TV3)

Donghua Liu fights council over property conviction

Mon 12 Feb

Controversial developer returns to court.

Donghua Liu (TV3)

Donghua Liu charges dropped

Tue 16 Jun 6

Donghua Liu's partner and her mother withdrew their complaints against him.

Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

Donghua Liu convicted on buildings charges

Thu 2 Oct

As first reported by the National Business Review, the charges related to a Remuera home which has a ratings value of $3.45 million and an Epsom house valued at $2.6 million

Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

Liu lawyers up

Sat 28 Jun

Paul Davison QC — best known in recent times as Kim Dotcom's lawyer — reportedly signs on to lead a team of advisors as Labour refuses to rule out legal action. UPDATED

Winston Peters

Winston Peters on Liu saga

Thu 26 Jun


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