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Israel Securities Authority chairman Shmuel Hauser wants to halt trading in cryptocurrency stocks

Israel seeks bitcoin ban, US regulators struggle with ICOs

Thu 28 Dec 5

Editor's Insight: Israel wants trading ban while US targets initial coin offerings.

Chilean politician-tycoon Sebastián Piñera returns to the presidency after a four-year gap.

Chile turns right as billionaire Pinera wins presidency again

Thu 21 Dec 2

Voters hope President Sebastián Piñera can revive the ailing economy and produce the growth of his previous term from 2010-14.

Donald Trump's new national security package focuses on "energy dominance."

Trump security plan ditches climate change for energy-led economic growth

Wed 20 Dec 8

Global warming is no longer a national security concern, while China and Russia are challenging US power, influence and interests.

Sir Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch built empires from virtually nothing.

Lowy and Murdoch – Why they agreed to sell

Tue 19 Dec 4

Editor's Insight: The two legendary Australians decided to quit some or all of their global businesses within days of each other. 

French President Emmanuel Macron is filling vacuum as climate change champion.

Macron turns up heat on climate change with help from business

Mon 18 Dec 3

Editor's Insight: The French president has wooed business more successfully than he has other political leaders.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox owns some Marvel franchises and the Avatar sequels.

Disney's mouse roars as it homes in on Murdoch's Fox

Thu 14 Dec

Opinion: Hollywood's most successul movie studio looks looks set to buy one of its most erratic and original performers.


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