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Editor's Insight: The Nanny State guide to eating, drinking and smoking in Europe

Fri 19 May 1

'Sin taxes' are endemic in Europe and countries jostle to become either the most oppressive or the most liberal at trying to regulate the lifestyle of their citizens.

Editor's Insight: Container giant goes high-tech to speed industry recovery

Thu 18 May

Shipping lines are becoming more like their aviation-focused global supply chain operators. 

Editor's Insight: China, Japan pursue two paths to world trade nirvana

Wed 17 May

China's new Silk Road initiatives and Japan's revival of the TPP will both boost world trade. 

Editor's Insight: Thomas Friedman has seen the future and it's in Dubai

Tue 16 May

The globe-trotting American author says everyone will have to “live like a newly-arrived immigrant” to survive in the future.

Editor's Insight: How VW survived coverup and crisis to stay on top

Mon 15 May 1

New book claims VW spent 18 months covering up its diesel emissions cheating software before the scandal broke.

Editor's Insight: Forget job loss, robots aren't taking over fast enough

Fri 12 May 2

New research shows automation isn't happening fast enough in low-productive industries.


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