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North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's reign has increased the country's visibility.

If brand power works for products, how about countries?

Fri 6 Apr

Analysis: WorldPR's Global Leadership Ranking measures who's doing best in the profile stakes.

Apco China head James McGregor asks "when you are going around and attacking your trading partners, who is going to work with you?”

After the steel tariffs comes a broader anti-Chinese trade package

Mon 19 Mar 4

Analysis: President Trump's goal is to end mandatory technology transfer to Chinese partners as a condition of doing business.

Nestpick managing director Omer Kücüdere says millennials want live and work anywhere in the world.

The world's 110 best cities for millennials, including NZ

Wed 7 Mar

A global ranking puts an emphasis on educational and work opportunities rather than partying.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will lead her fourth government.

Germany decides, finally; Italy's fate not so sure

Mon 5 Mar

UPDATED Editor's Insight: Exit polls show Silvio Berlusconi's conservative coalition will have biggest presence in parliament but well shy of a majority. 

ANZ chief economist Sharon Zollner says future productivity gains will need greater capital investment

Labour productivity jump may be too late to help economy

Wed 28 Feb 2

Stats NZ reveals previously unknown large productivity gains in 2015 and 2016.

Which approach would help Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's poverty concerns most?

Piketty vs Pinker – who should the prime minister read?

Tue 27 Feb 7

Opinion: The French economist and American psychologist have opposing views on ways to cure poverty and the success of capitalism.


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