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Defence Minister Ron Mark says too many past procurement decisions have been wrong.

NZ First aims to end long-standing 'free rider' defence strategy

Tue 10 Jul 8

Analysis: Defence Minister Ron Mark is committed to making the armed forces more effective in a wider range of roles.

Baroness Philippa Stroud says there are few effective solutions to the increase in international migrants.

Who's really to blame for global migrant crisis

Tue 26 Jun 2

The total number of international migrants reached 258 million in 2017 or 3.4% of the global population.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro says the US must resist China's plans to dominate future technologies.

Trump tipped to escalate China trade war from tariffs to export, investment bans

Tue 26 Jun 2

A two-pronged attack will bar many Chinese companies from investing in US technology firms and block additional technology exports to China.

New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young says new gas fields are needed to meet future electricity demand.

EV nirvana won't end need for fossil fuels

Wed 30 May 3

AnaIysis: Increasing demand for oil and gas for uses other than motor vehicles will more than offset the disappearance of internal combustion engines. 

French President Emmanuel Macron created a political movement from virtually nothing.

France's Macron uses culture to assert world's top 'soft power' nationality

Tue 29 May 2

In a new ranking of nationalities, the French have for first the first time in seven years knocked Germans from their perch.

British shadow finance minister John McDonnell says consumer capitalism "only offers the illusion of control.”

Labour’s (so far secret) plan to transform the economy

Tue 22 May 12

Opinion: Changes to monetary policy and fiscal policy are only the beginning of structural reforms to come.


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