Eric Series

Sealegs to tap military markets in Europe, Africa

Fri 28 Apr

Shareholders approve share issues to fund strategic acquisitions.  

Hunter's Corner: Sealegs: an underperforming marine technology innovator

Fri 24 Feb

Battles with suppliers, designers and customers are not helping.

Sealegs picks a fight with ‘pain in the ass Yankee’ billionaire

Fri 23 Dec

A copyright battle takes another twist for the NZX-listed amphibious boatmaker.

Sealegs chief executive David McKee Wright

Sealegs seeks to block rival's Auckland Boat Show product launch

Thu 15 Sep

Injunction sought over alleged IP infringement.

Sealegs ekes out full-year profit, raising prices as sales slip

Tue 21 May

A push into the commercial market is planned, including development of larger vessels for customers including law enforcement agencies and the military.

Sealegs narrows loss with more profitable models

Wed 14 Nov

The amphibious boat maker's sales rise 11% to $7.6 million. 

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