Chief executive Iona Weir says "I suspect it will be our biggest product."

BioNona gains FDA approval for Atopis eczema cream, plans to start online US sales

Wed 29 Nov

BioNona plans to sell online via Amazon on its eczema treatments page.

Otago University's Lyall Hanton says "it's a very effective material"

Chitogel inks heads of agreement with big pharma for US launch

Wed 8 Nov 1

The Kiwi company has just got approval by the US FDA for its wound-healing gel.

The take home message for New Zealanders is that the use of hand sanitisers has not been found to be more effective than the use of soap and water

Germ killers pose hazard to environment

Mon 31 Jul

The increased use of triclosan in antibacterial products has triggered concerns about effects once it has left the human body.

Synlait Milk gets FDA 'GRAS' notice for lactoferrin ahead of Munchkin's grass-fed formula launch

Thu 27 Apr 2

The US's FDA has given notice allowing Synlait to export lactoferrin to the US.

US to pursue total ban on trans fats

Mon 11 Nov
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