Gender diversity

MBIE policy director Kim Connolly-Stone says the tech industry gender imbalance must be addressed

Government launches scheme to get women back into tech sector

Wed 13 Sep

Women occupy less than a quarter of technically skilled roles within the sector.

Women's Minister Paula Bennett says the narrowing of the gender pay gap is "fantastic" (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Gender pay gap narrows in June quarter

Fri 1 Sep 2

Women's median hourly pay has the biggest annual percentage increase since the June 2007 quarter.

Paula Bennett says employers need to create change to reduce the gender pay gap (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

No regulation on gender pay gap, Bennett leaves it to private sector

Thu 20 Jul

A dozen companies including EY, Westpac and Xero publicly provided information for new gender pay gap research. 

Geoff Ricketts enjoys passing on his extensive knowledge to up-and-coming directors

Experienced directors impart wisdom to encourage diversity

Mon 3 Jul 1

“When I became a director, I was quite young – in my early 40s. There were no mentoring programmes back then" – Geoff Ricketts.

Hidesight: Companies need best not quota queens

Mon 29 May 6

Diversity is no longer just a male or female thing.

Joan Withers

Board breakdowns show diversity push not reaping results

Fri 5 May 5

"How do we ensure action, and that it isn’t just lip service?" stakeholder asks.


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