Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright

GNS points finger at soil and sea spray as cause of air pollution

Wed 29 Apr

The closing date looms next week for public submissions on Ecan’s draconian proposed new air plan.

Dr John Ristau

ASK ME ANYTHING: GNS seismologist John Ristau

Wed 24 Jul 46

What are the latest odds for another rumble in Wellington? What's the future for Christchurch? GNS seismologist John Ristau answers readers' questions.

Mountain operators hopeful of a quick reopening

Thu 22 Nov

The Tongariro track remains closed today after yesterday's eruption – the second in four months.

Peter Griffin: danger NZ scientists water-down comments, hedge bets

Should scientists be criminally liable for poor quake communication?

Tue 23 Oct 18

GUEST COMMENT: The convictions of the Italian scientists for manslaughter has more relevance to NZ than you might think.

Battle-hardened GeoNet recognised at Australia New Zealand Internet Awards

Thu 11 Oct

'Rapid' service picks up gong.

GNS scientists assessing Mt Tongariro today

Wed 8 Aug 1

Tongariro crossing remains closed today, as scientists fly over the mountain to assess exactly where Monday night's eruption came from and whether another is likely.

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