government debt

Bill English signals further capital spending

$1.8 billion surplus, lower govt debt: English signals 'options' for election year

Thu 13 Oct 11

"In some ways it's easier to manage deficits because you just say no," the Finance Minister notes. "When you have surpluses you have more demands on you."


Margin call: Fiscal policy makes comeback

Fri 20 May

Low interest rates have made monetary policy less effective

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Politics: What is behind Key's sudden confidence about tax cuts?

Tue 17 May 13

A drastic upward revision in the Treasury's growth outlook appears to be behind the government's sudden gung-ho attitude for tax cuts 

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Treasury to sound downbeat economic note this week

Mon 14 Dec

The Treasury won't be offering a huge dollop of Christmas cheer this week.


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