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HELEN CLARK: Ruth Richardson’s 1991 “Mother of All Budgets” remained a favourite talking point in 2008

Rethinking New Zealand: the changing economic backdrop

Fri 30 Jun

From debt to diversification, people need to rethink their presumptions about how the New Zealand economy works.

How to have a budget surplus, a stimulus and lower debt all at once

Fri 2 Jun

"I don't think people have grasped the sheer size of our capital spend," Finance Minister Steven Joyce told the Grant Thornton/NBR budget breakfast.

Budget 2017: Debt and the housing announcement to come

Mon 29 May

The government has kept any announcement on housing until after the budget

Budget 2017: Arise, surplus

Mon 22 May 10

Mr Joyce is playing down tax cuts. In fact, he tends to look vague and distracted whenever the subject comes up.

NO LIMITS: Finance Minister Steven Joyce

Budget 2017: the return of magical thinking?

Fri 19 May

Normally finance ministers throw a wet blanket, or even a  waterlogged tarpaulin, over people’s pre-budget expectations. Not this time. 

The implications of Joyce's pre-Budget fiscal shift

Fri 28 Apr 2

Mr Joyce is talking about resilience but most people want to hear about tax cuts.


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