Greg Cross

CBO Greg Cross says "There are many roles in society and industry that humans don’t want to do."

AI company looking for more targets after NatWest success

Mon 26 Feb

But don't worry, says Soul Machines' Greg Cross, robots aren't coming to take your jobs.

SLI chairman Greg Cross says Trump tax cuts should help boost sales in the US.

SLI turns first profit since IPO, shares soar

Fri 23 Feb 4

Christchurch e-commerce startup is finally in the black. Here's what's next.

Soul Machines chief business officer said "These digital characters do have a virtual nervous system"

Soul Machines partners with Autodesk to create digital employee

Thu 16 Nov 4

Eight other projects are in the pipeline.

SLI Systems chief executive Chris Brennan said "Retailers are much more cost conscious"

SLI changes strategy as retailers resist multiple e-commerce implementations

Wed 23 Aug 5

Both the financial result and top-line growth were "not where we would like them to be."

PowerbyProxi chairman and CEO Greg Cross (left) with CTO Fady Mishriki

PowerbyProxi boss hails Samsung's move to built-in wireless charging with the S6

Mon 23 Feb

Not a Power by Proxi solution for  the S6  .... that may come later.


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