Guy Elliffe

AMP Capital’s chief economist Bevan Graham

Reserve Bank to make gradual interest rate moves next year, says AMP

Tue 21 Oct

Global growth is now increasingly uneven between countries.

MRP listing may lure more international investors on yield demand

Thu 9 May 1

As Europe’s economy shrinks and interest rates in the eurozone, the US and Japan touch record lows, many investors are seeking opportunities outside their home markets.

NZ shares still have room for gains this year

Wed 24 Apr

AMP Capital head of equities Guy Elliffe says a growing economy underpins gains in corporate earnings.

Opposition proposals threaten 'Telecom-style' shake-up

Tue 23 Apr 10

AMP Capital says plans could destroy shareholder value in the way Labour did to Telecom in 2006.

NZ sharemarket to unleash demand for extra $2b from investors – AMP

Wed 13 Feb

A string of investment opportunities will reverse the trend of the last decade.

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