Hekia Parata

Prime Minister Bill English

Few surprises in PM's cabinet reshuffle

Mon 24 Apr 6

Nikki Kaye will take over education from Hekia Parata and Gerry Brownlee takes the foreign affairs portfolio from Murray McCully.

Cabinet reshuffle could resolve the Smith issue

Mon 24 Apr 6

Nick Smith is not good at retail politics. The problem is, election years are all about retail politics.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler

Initiative Matters: The relative state of the nation

Fri 9 Dec

A year’s end assessment of the country’s strengths and weaknesses shows plenty of room for improvement.

Government spends $55m with Fuji Xerox

Thu 10 Nov 6

Rivals have questioned how the embattled copier company managed to win the government over.

PM ponders reshuffle: 'a small number' of ministers [photo: Rob Hosking]

Politics: PM John Key on reshuffle prospects

Tue 25 Oct

“My guess is there will be, at the margin, a very small number more, and that will give us an opportunity to refresh going into the election”

Bill Bates

Experts insist schools not fit for purpose, not even this century

Fri 21 Oct

The government is prescribing more money for schooling but two experts say the problem with education is more fundamental – it is the concept of schooling itself.


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