HNA Group

ANZ New Zealand chief executive David Hisco says “We don’t know if HNA will attempt to overturn the decision."

UPDATE: OIO reveals reasons for blocking UDC deal

Thu 21 Dec 25

China's HNA Group rejected as finance company buyer.

There's mounting questions over whether chairman Chen Feng really controls HNA, the New York Times reports.

UDC deal still on track, says ANZ

Thu 23 Nov

Chinese buyer seeks extension on debt due tomorrow.  

Hainan Airlines founder Chen Feng “leads new executives in a recitation of HNA’s core values"

UDC buyer caught up in Chinese debt probe

Fri 23 Jun 6

China’s banking regulator is reportedly concerned about high leverage.    

ANZ vague on funding for huge UDC debenture payout

Mon 29 May

Meeting date set for investor vote.

Hunter's Corner: A warning on leverage from China


There are risks in the sale of finance company UDC to China’s "money mill."

UDC Finance may struggle to attract borrowers, investors, says S&P

Mon 30 Jan 9

HNA Group’s ownership of UDC Finance is a big factor.

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