Holiday Review

Buddle Findlay's Scott Barker says property disputes will be big in 2018.

The year ahead – litigation outlook

Holiday Review

A preview of litigation in 2018. 

Colliers International research director Alan McMahon says urban commercial property to attract foreign buyers.

Top property predictions for 2018

Holiday Review 2

Among the prognostications: Coalition’s restrictions will turn foreign buyers' attention to urban commercial property and off-the-plan residential investments.

ANZ senior economist Phil Borkin warns the drop in business confidence could be a self-fulfilling prophecy

2017 year in review: politics keeps business on its toes

Holiday Review

Opinion: Business confidence has soured with the Beehive's red hue. However, the economy is in good heart.

Rod Drury angered the market by delisting Xero from the NZX.

2017 year in review: swings, roundabouts and occasional haymakers

Holiday Review 4

A look back at some of the highlights (and lowlights) in the annual Shoeshine Awards.

Former PM Helen Clark would have noticed New Zealand slipping down the Human Development Index

How the world scored NZ in 2017: 25 not-so-dubious achievements

Holiday Review 5

How 25 of this year's international benchmarks rank the country's performance in business and wealth, human rights and social wellbeing.

Craigs' Mark Lister's favourite company this year has been Tourism Holdings.

The year ahead: Hot stocks and ones to watch

Holiday Review

Four experts take a punt on picking the best performers for 2018. 


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