Jami-Lee Ross

National leader Simon Bridges' reshuffle cements his leadership.

National reshuffle marred by contradiction

Mon 12 Mar 16

For some National MPs their best days are behind them.

Jami-Lee Ross
Jamie-Lee Ross on The Nation

Ports behind strike-breaking bill - Ross

Sun 23 Jun 1

Fresh from the waterfront, National MP says his legislation could be a contender.

Peter Cresswell

Ponder this: do you own your job?


OPINION Unions aren’t all bad, but the reaction to the private members bill by Jamie Lee Ross allowing employers to employ non-union labour has brought out the worst in those who speak for the monopolists of labour.

New third whip, Jami-Lee Ross

Youngest MP becomes National Party whip

Tue 29 Jan

The finishing touches to Prime Minister John Key's cabinet reshuffle.

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