Kim Dotcom

Sean Hannity

Kim Dotcom wins over Trump's favourite broadcaster, angles for US trip with Russia probe 'evidence'

Wed 24 May 14

The accused pirate has won the ear of Sean Hannity with "evidence" that could help exonerate the president.

Sean Hannity

Dotcom's Seth Rich claim earns him a chance to appear on Sean Hannity's show

Sun 21 May 22

The accused pirate catches the ear of Donald Trump's favourite broadcaster – and it's all about a promise to embarrass the Democrats.

Kim Dotcom (Chris Keall)

Kim Dotcom: the ultimate timeline

Tue 28 Mar

The convictions back in Germany, the parties, the big spending.

Former Auckland mayor John Banks

John Banks fails in appeal over $190,000 trial costs for wrongful conviction

Tue 21 Mar 8

The Court of Appeal found Mr Banks had raised nothing new in the appeal.

OPINION: Initial observations on the Dotcom decision

Tue 21 Feb 22

An intellectual property specialist highlights the key points from Justice Gilbert's 363-page decision.

Dotcom extradition upheld

Mon 20 Feb 44

High Court upholds District Cout decision. Next stop could be the Court of Appeal. UPDATED


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