Matthew Simmons

Revera chief executive Robin Cockayne says it's purely a technology partnership "at this stage."

Spark, Nyriad partner for 'world-first' blockchain service

Thu 7 Dec 4

Pair say it will be the first tamper-proof cloud service.

Nyriad founder and chief executive Matthew Simmons says “We train our software engineers from local stock”

Kiwi startup Nyriad shows off its revolutionary data storage technology in the US

Thu 16 Nov 3

Founder says his company will triple staff numbers over the next year to 180 – recruiting locally and staying headquartered in Cambridge.

Nyriad chief executive Matthew Simmons says "Technology is so advanced, we literally cannot import anybody"

'We have to breed what we need,' Nyriad CEO on expansion

Mon 25 Sep 3

New Zealand is a hotbed of excellent talent, and tech company Nyriad wants as much as possible.

Kiwi startup Nyriad unleashes new computer processing technology

Wed 12 Apr 3

The technology is being used first across the Tasman.

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