mayor Phil Goff

Auckland Coucil planning chairman Chris Darby says "The proposed changes will also amplify the city centre’s economic potential"

Council talks up 'transformative' plan for Auckland city

Fri 1 Sep 1

"An ambitious plan that will be good for Auckland," says Mayor Phil Goff.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says major infrastructure spending exceeds the capacity of property rates to fund it (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Auckland Council debt – $22,189 for every residential ratepayer

Tue 22 Aug 25

Only the tiny Waitomo District Council has more debt for every residential ratepayer than Auckland Council.

Auckland councillor Greg Sayers says “The pendulum has swung too far and a gross imbalance has appeared”

‘Time to stop siphoning rural ratepayers’ – Greg Sayers

Fri 18 Aug 14

“It is calculated exploitation and a secret nobody ever talks about,” says Greg Sayers.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff: “We need to show we will not buckle under the pressure from interest groups"

Auckland Council's infrastructure shortfall blows out by $3 billion

Thu 1 Jun 11

"Putting the shortfall on ratepayers is unthinkable," says Phil Goff.

Legal snags mount for Goff's proposed rates increase for hotels and motels

Mon 29 May 8

Adding a surcharge to cover council rates potentially breaches two acts.

SIGNIFICANT APPETITE: Despite global economies weakening private investors still want to increase their property portfolios

Beds the focus for global investors

Fri 10 Mar

Private commercial real estate investors globally are turning their eyes to “buildings with beds” as the industry delivered an unleveraged return of 6.3% over the past decade, rising to 9% a year over the five years to December 2015.

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