Dotcom: make "brilliant edits"

Genius move: Live-stream file-sharing chaos will play into Dotcom’s hands

Tue 30 Aug 44

A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Mega leaks about Kazakhstan government were just ‘journalistic,’ lawyer says

Tue 9 Aug

Kazakhstan pushes for information on Mega users.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Mega Kazakhstan case reveals Google, Microsoft data handover


Microsoft and Google gave the Kazakhstan government data to help identify people accused of hacking its servers and email addresses.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Court Report: Hacked off

Thu 19 May

Hamish McNicol weighs up privacy, hackers, and the Republic of Kazakhstan’s “unenviable” human rights. With special feature audio.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Mega ordered to hand over alleged Kazakhstan hackers' info

Fri 13 May

Mega opposed the application because of the country's "unenviable" human rights record. With special feature audio.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall

Kazakhstan's hacker info request quashes political discourse - Mega

Thu 10 Mar

Mega "prides itself on privacy," is concerned about "political reprisals" for alleged government hackers.


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