Motoring: Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Cabriolet a drop-top with attitude

Holiday Review 2

Yes, winter is approaching. So, not a particularly great time to be launching a new convertible then.

Top luxury car second year in a row

Car Torque: Mercedes-Benz NZ’s top 2016 luxury brand

Wed 25 Jan

Volvo looks set to team up with Skype and is the British Grand Prix done? With video.

QUITE DIFFERENT: The differences between the GLC SUV and the GLC Coupe are more than skin deep

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe: fastback to the future

Fri 18 Nov

The fastback-styled GLC Coupe is – as it (almost) says on the tin – a GLC SUV with a rakishly angled roofline behind the C-pillar. So far so obvious. But actually, it possesses quite a different character from its squared-off sibling.

Tip of the electric iceberg

Fri 28 Oct

I’m hedging my bets here but I’d suggest the copy of our Showroom special feature you’re holding will be the last dominated by conventionally powered passenger vehicles.

SURPRISING: The sedan is lighter than drivers expect so feels fleet-footed

Jaguar XE S: nimble cat on a hot tin proverbial

Fri 29 Jul

Of course, climatically speaking, there was nothing hot about the environs I was driving Jaguar’s just-arrived XE S through this past week. 

FANTASTICALLY ORIGINAL: The rear two-thirds are tautly trimmed to offer up something quite different. It’s not a startling departure but look at the way the exaggerated belt line flows upward to a narrow boot

C-Class Coupe’s speedster silhouette better in the metal

Fri 22 Jul

A strange thing happened when I showed a couple of pals press photos of Mercedes-Benz’s latest C-Class Coupe ahead of spending time driving one myself.



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