Michael Woodhouse

Prime Minister John Key

PM keyed into sentiment on immigration – well, sort of

Fri 21 Oct 2

John Key shouldn't take a great deal of comfort in the latest NBR reader poll result on immigration policy.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Is it racist to oppose immigration?

Thu 20 Oct 6

It seems that immigration is likely to continue as a major issue of debate and disagreement. But is that a bad thing?

Immigration: Key indicates reluctance to tighten rules further

Tue 18 Oct 21

Significant New Zealand industries such as horticulture or tourism would struggle without short-term migrant workers, Key says.  

Immigration minister Michael Woodhouse

Who do you think you’re fooling, Mr Woodhouse?

Fri 14 Oct 3

Reader poll result regarding the government’s move to curb immigration.

Immigration policy tweaks capture senior executive migrants

Tue 11 Oct 45

The New Zealand Residence Programme's planning range for residence approvals will be lowered by 5000.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse (Rob Hosking)

Government caves in to shareholder lobbying on taxation of demerged shares

Sat 3 Sep 4

The New Zealand Shareholders' Association has succeeded in its dogged pursuit of a legislative change.


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