Could Bill English end up leading an all-National government? (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

English’s bold bid for total power

Fri 1 Sep 15

Weekly Hit: National believes it is just 50,000 votes short of governing without NZ First or any other coalition partners.

Winston Peters has now hit back forcefully at National (photo: Jerry Yelich O'Connor)

Winston Peters vs dirty politics

Thu 31 Aug 59

NZ Politics Daily: This whole scandal looks like a revival of the 2014 dirty politics allegations.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has previously said she was willing to pay all the money back

Metiria Turei shrugs off potential impact of welfare fraud probe if she is elected

Thu 3 Aug 5

The Greens Party co-leader met Ministry of Social Development investigators today.

Social Investment minister Amy Adams will spearhead the new agency

Theresa May eyeing New Zealand’s Social Investment Agency

Tue 30 May 1

Amy Adams is pleased with the feedback the agency has gotten so far.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards

Tolley sticks to guns as privacy commissioner criticises plan to demand NGO client data

Thu 6 Apr 1

Edwards’ report comes on the heels of another MSD data breach.

Exposing the inequality scam

Fri 21 Oct

The public is constantly told income inequality is rising and the government should do something. A recent NZ Listener article asserted iinequality had risen faster “in recent years” than in almost any other developed country.


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