Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Netflix' new family comedy, the Santa Clarita diet

The new busiest broadband time of the day (hint: it’s no longer 3.30pm)

Wed 15 Feb 8

Shifting landscape should chill TVNZ, MediaWorks and Sky TV

Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck in Amazon's "Manchester by the Sea"

Editor's Insight: Hollywood's best are no longer what the big studios produce


This year's nominations are more diverse than ever and come from surprising sources.

The exiled Top Gear trio has found a new home on Prime

Another headache for Sky as Amazon launches Prime in New Zealand

Thu 15 Dec 16

Yet more streaming video competition – but at least it should ease merger approval.

Toy box: Intel Skull Canyon NUC

Fri 4 Nov

Intel has been making tiny PC systems called NUC (which stands for Next Unit of Computing) for some years now.

Jordan Carter: Kiwi viewers need more choice, but newcomers must play within the rules

Is the 'Bye Bye Sky' box legal to sell or to watch? A detailed analysis

Wed 19 Oct 3

'Bye Bye Sky' page taken offline but Waikato company continues to sell its Sky TV and Netflix 'killer' through Facebook. UPDATED: Special feature audio - Rick Shera on the legality of accessing offshore content from NZ.

Johnny Depp in Black Mass, one of the movies currently featured on Neon

Sky TV (finally) upgrades Neon to HD

Thu 22 Sep 1

Slowly but surely catching up with Netflix and other streaming video on-demand competitors. UPDATED.


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