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NZ POLITICS DAILY: The year of Winston Peters

Tue 6 Jun 3

New Zealand First is where most people are looking when they’re thinking about the election outcome as Winston Peters is likely to decide who will govern.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Congratulating and condemning the media merger rejection

Mon 8 May 1

In rejecting the proposed media merger of the two big newspaper companies, did the Commerce Commission help save New Zealand democracy or has a chance for the media to enhance democracy been lost?

NZ Politics Daily: major victory for low-paid workers

Thu 20 Apr 9

Yesterday’s historic pay agreement for care and support workers is a massive victory for the low-paid, and indicates the unusual political times we live in.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Freedom of speech v PC culture

Thu 13 Apr 16

Is a rising culture of political correctness threatening free speech in New Zealand?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Why we need another Nicky Hager book

Tue 21 Mar 7

Nicky Hager is needed more than ever in New Zealand, and that’s why the launch of his new book later today is something to celebrate.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The uncomfortable abortion reform challenge

Mon 20 Mar 6

The radical return of the abortion issue is an opportunity and challenge for politicians. Will they rise to the occasion?


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