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NZ POLITICS DAILY: Why we need another Nicky Hager book

Tue 21 Mar 7

Nicky Hager is needed more than ever in New Zealand, and that’s why the launch of his new book later today is something to celebrate.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The uncomfortable abortion reform challenge

Mon 20 Mar 6

The radical return of the abortion issue is an opportunity and challenge for politicians. Will they rise to the occasion?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Should abortion be decriminalised?

Fri 17 Mar 22

While social attitudes are clearly changing toward abortion, the politicians are only just catching up, and they now face the need to overhaul a patently outdated and farcical legal framework.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The anti-establishment politics of Murray Ball

Wed 15 Mar 3

Murray Ball’s satire helped me think about some of the bigger political questions and issues in life, and I still occasionally read my Stanley cartoon books.

POLITICS DAILY: The big questions about Ardern’s rise to the Labour leadership

Fri 3 Mar 9

Should Jacinda Ardern be leading the Labour Party instead of Andrew Little?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Problems and potential in the Greens

Tue 28 Feb

The Green Party has a talent problem...


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