Peter Silcock

CCNZ chief executive Peter Silcock says such bonds are becoming more common since Mainzeal's collapse.

China Construction Bank NZ ordered to pay 'principal's bond' to Clark Road contractor

Mon 18 Dec

Justice Matthew Muir ruled the bond was payable on demand and had to be paid without regard to whether the client was in default.

Horticulture NZ chief executive Peter Silcock

Fruit and vegetables: a more profitable alternative for disgruntled dairy farmers?

Mon 4 May 3

Investment in horticulture totalled $36 billion in the year to June 2014 

Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Peter Silcock

Horticultural production tops $7B, driven by wine and apples

Fri 24 Apr 3

Exports rose by $300 million to $3.9 billion, an increase of nearly 7 percent on the previous year.

Horticulture NZ chief executive Peter Silcock

Editor's Insight: Why horticultural growers are loving free trade and want more

Fri 5 Dec 2

Tariffs still cost each commercial grower an average of $36,000 a year.

NZ growers urge Aussies to stop complaining

Wed 27 Feb 1

“This is blatant protectionist scare-mongering. It is just another example of Australian sour grapes,” HortNZ chief executive Peter Silcock says.

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