plaster cladding

Adina Thorn

Cladding class action tops $200 million

Tue 15 Dec

Class action involves more than 350 buildings or complexes.

JOHN GRAY: ‘Another complex issue is whether or not any alleged product failure was the sole cause of the loss suffered’

Warning about complexities of cladding class actions

Fri 21 Aug

As the first invitations to viable claimants to join a $100 million-plus Auckland plaster cladding class action, are sent out, the Home Owners and Buyers Association says people should be careful about joining any claims.

Adina Thorn

Plaster cladding class action claims top $100 million

Mon 23 Mar 1

The claims are now at the trigger point to chase international litigation funders.

Adina Thorn

Law suit against plaster cladding manufacturers

Mon 9 Mar 9

$100 million plus class action to be launched against manufacturers of plaster cladding.

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