Rod Drury angered the market by delisting Xero from the NZX.

2017 year in review: swings, roundabouts and occasional haymakers

Holiday Review 4

A look back at some of the highlights (and lowlights) in the annual Shoeshine Awards.

Questions are being asked about Orion Health founder Ian McCrae's management.

More imagination needed as NZX problems escalate

Mon 4 Dec 2

Opinion: How Auckland Council could provide the kiss of life.

Movac partner and NBR Rich Lister Phil McCaw's fund has since announced a $7m investment in Timely.

OIO decision reveals Apple paid more than $100m for NZ's PowerbyProxi

Thu 30 Nov 2

Major shareholder Movac immediately gives back with a $7 million local investment.

Software Industry Group chairman Ronald Weissman says if a management team or a CEO is dishonest, then that's an instant deal killer

The other side of the pitch: what angel investors want to hear

Mon 6 Nov 8

Every new idea probably has a kernel of opportunity, so how can investors separate the wheat from the chaff? By looking at the character of the founder.

Punakaiki Fund director Lance Wiggs: "There’s no path to IPO anymore, it seems. So there’s only one option if they want to get a cheque"

PowerbyProxi sale reanimates debate over offshore takeovers

Tue 31 Oct 5

PLUS: Robertson offers early clues about where-to-from-here for Callaghan Innovation.

Boosters of the sale say PowerbyProxi co-founder Fady Mishriki and other investors will recycle money back into the local startup ecosystem

Callaghan ‘in conversation’ with Apple on up to $25m grant to PowerbyProxi

Fri 27 Oct 18

Crown agency has given Auckland startup a number of grants, some within a clawback period.


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