Richard Prosser

NZ First Winston Peters strengthens his hand by keeping his options open (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Spinning policy like a Winston-ite too hard

Thu 7 Sep 32

Hidesight: It is a monstrous blight on democracy that one person will likely decide the prime minister and government.

NZ First MP Richard Prosser made headlines last week after he was called a “f***ing idiot" by ACT leader David Seymour

Winners and losers on NZ First party list

Tue 29 Aug 10

Richard Prosser, who made headlines last week after a “throwaway line” about the party’s energy industry renationalisation plan, has suffered a crushing demotion. 

NZ First list MP Richard Prosser has blunt views on energy companies

Seymour calls NZ First MP a 'f***ing idiot'

Wed 23 Aug 83

Updated: David Seymour flips over NZ First's policy to nationalise the energy sector.

Richard Prosser

New Zealanders OUTRAGED


If we are to believe the papers, the radio and television news, New Zealanders live in a perpetual state of outrage.

Prosser is making mainstream politicians look progressive

Fri 15 Feb

Once again this illustrates just how liberal-tolerance has been embraced by nearly all of the political class. Witness the sorry state that Labour’s David Shearer got himself into by his less than equivocal criticism.

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