Ross Asset Management

Barrister Hamish McIntosh ould have suffered more than a mere $100,000 interest on his Ross Asset Management (RAM) investment

Last ponzi scheme judgment: interest on fictitious profits

Thu 7 Sep

Capital Letter: Ponzi scheme investor ordered to pay interest on fictitious profits.

Hamish McIntosh

McIntosh's ‘lucky’ escape, solicitor-general to solutions general

Tue 5 Sep

Briefcase: A veteran's take on the law world.

 Wellington lawyer Hamish McIntosh must pay interest on the fictitious profits

McIntosh must pay almost five years' interest on Ross Asset 'profits'

Fri 1 Sep 5

The Supreme Court found the purpose of an interest award wasn't punitive.

PwC's John Fisk, along with David Bridgman, said they will need court directions on the most appropriate way to distribute the funds

Ross Asset liquidators offer discount carrot to 'overpaid' ponzi investors

Fri 14 Jul 14

Ponzi scheme 'winners' have until July 21 to pay reduced sum, or face litigation.

McIntosh can keep $500k initial investment in RAM, must return 'profits', Supreme Court rules

Fri 26 May

McIntosh, a Wellington lawyer who represented himself in the appeal, invested $500,000 in RAM in April 2007.

Ross Asset liquidators recouped $4m, await McIntosh ruling

Wed 25 Jan 2

Total receipts have risen to $10.7 million.


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