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McIntosh can keep $500k initial investment in RAM, must return 'profits', Supreme Court rules

Fri 26 May

McIntosh, a Wellington lawyer who represented himself in the appeal, invested $500,000 in RAM in April 2007.

Ross Asset liquidators recouped $4m, await McIntosh ruling

Wed 25 Jan 2

Total receipts have risen to $10.7 million.

Stephen Mills

Briefcase: Poetic notes by Colin, the aggressive QC and the Ross appeal

Tue 13 Sep 3

What they're talking about in the legal world. With special feature audio.

David Ross

Former RAM investors Duncan, Nora Priest win case against RAM liquidators to get shares back

Fri 5 Aug

The judge ordered RAM and Dagger Nominees to transfer to the Priests "all dividends, shares, proceeds, interest and other returns earned.

David Ross

Former ponzi investor McIntosh argues he's entitled to 'fantasy' returns from RAM

Wed 27 Jul 9

The Wellington lawyer, representing himself, is appealing against a Court of Appeal ruling.

David Ross

Ross clawback settlements triple

Mon 18 Jul

A wish to avoid the ongoing risk of litigation reaps $4.5 million. With special feature audio.


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