Sir Michael Hill

Neville Glaser

Methods used to rank the rich

Mon 24 Jul

NBR RICH LIST 2017: How we arrived at our numbers.

Sir Michael Hill

We can’t have it all

Holiday Review 11

A net 134 extra people arrived in Auckland each and every day in February to look for a house to either buy or rent. 

JAKE MILLAR: Two sites “totally different”

Oompher restraint of trade details kept secret

Fri 11 Dec

Careers NZ is refusing to supply details of a restraint of trade provision included in its $130,000 purchase of motivational video website Oompher.

Emma Hill

Daughter takes the helm at Michael Hill International

Fri 4 Dec

Family and love the theme of the jeweller’s annual meeting.

Kauri Cliffs

Inside NZ’s new golf strategy


Which pros and courses are likely to be involved, and the sensitive topic of pricing, as Tourism NZ bids to boost golf tourism into a $223 million business.


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