Sovereign Insurance

Marketing plays of the week: Beer back guarantees and insurance fraud

Fri 4 Mar

Marketing campaigns for Monteith's, Toyota, Sovereign Insurance and Westpac.

Left to right: Judith Collins, Michelle Boag, Bronwyn Pullar

UNLOCKED: Money, Mayhem and Murder – inside the Bronwyn Pullar affair

Mon 30 Jul

Now with all stories unlocked: Bronwyn Pullar wrote herself into history when she toppled former ACC minister Nick Smith, three ACC directors and the corporation’s chief executive. PLUS – RAW DATA: The Sovereign letter to Boag; Boag's email to Collins.

ACC minister Judith Collins

Money, mayhem and murder: How Pullar tried to get $14 million compo


Pullar statement raises questions about support letter's intent

Fri 30 Mar 9

Bronwyn Pullar’s press statement today – one of the first times the woman at the centre of a top-level ACC leak investigation has made comment on the saga and its fallout – raises further questions over just what is going on in the controversy she has attracted.

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