Regen founder Bridgit Hawkins says running a startup is "lonely at the top."

A scientist in farmers’ pockets

Tue 19 Dec

Entrepreneur series: Regen founder Bridgit Hawkins finds her farming background is a big asset for her rural technology solutions startup.

Kiwibank digital adviser Peter Fletcher-Dobson says "The global networking potential alone will be invaluable."

Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0 attracts applicants globally

Tue 28 Nov

Peter Fletcher-Dobson noted that many of the applicants are at a more advanced stage than previous applicants.

Helen Robinson says having an all-women board is still embracing diversity

Chasing profits and a social mission

Tue 10 Oct

Entrepreneur series:  Organic Initiative co-founder Helen Robinson is using her previous entrepreneurial experience to drive a business with a mission.

MYOB general manager Carolyn Luey thinks "more needs to be done to establish New Zealand as a hub for start-up growth and development"

NZ has healthy start-up culture but needs more support, MYOB says

Fri 11 Aug 2

74% of Kiwi start-ups are in favour of a graduated business tax structure.

SHAUN QUINCEY: Compares being an entrepreneur to his solo row across the Tasman

Loneliness of the long-distance rower

Fri 7 Jul

Shaun Quincy has always wanted to run his own business and thought there has never been a better time than now.

Genoapay founder Shaun Quincey says he's learnt to work faster and be more accountable

Cashflow and loneliness big entrepreneur hurdles – Shaun Quincey

Tue 4 Jul 5

In the first of a weekly series on entrepreneurs, Genopay founder Shaun Quincey says business challenges are similar to those he found rowing across the Tasman.


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