Stuart McCutcheon

University of Auckland backs NBR Radar

Fri 24 Nov

It’s very important to promote entrepreneurial behaviours in New Zealand, says Professor Stuart McCutcheon.

STUART MCCUTCHEON: University of Auckland vice-chancellor has vented his spleen at length

Law at war: Vice-chancellor unleashes wrath on law school staff

Fri 30 Jun

The vice-chancellor said “leaking” the submission was “unprofessional” and “will not encourage me to consult with staff of the faculty in the future.” 

University of Auckland vice chancellor Stuart McCutcheon has come down hard on law school staff in a letter to them

Law at war: Vice chancellor unleashes wrath on law school staff

Tue 27 Jun 3

Staff have been accused of “colluding” with members of the legal profession and blamed for causing low workplace morale.

University of Auckland vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon is reconsidering his plan to increase the number of second-year law students

Law at war: Vice-chancellor presents a ‘rose-tinted view’ of law school issues

Tue 20 Jun 10

A letter from 31 law school staff was not presented to the university's council. 

Law at war: Top university backing off hike in law student numbers

Thu 15 Jun 8

University of Auckland appears to be backtracking on plans to increase the number of law students next year.

PETER WATTS: Says leadership is“certainly a factor” in his decision to take a three-year leave of absence

Law at war: Insiders say Auckland law faculty is in ‘crisis’

Fri 17 Feb

A controversial decision to boost the number of law students at the University of Auckland has prompted fierce debate within the university, and within the legal profession.


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