targeted rate

Auckland councillor Greg Sayers says “The pendulum has swung too far and a gross imbalance has appeared”

‘Time to stop siphoning rural ratepayers’ – Greg Sayers

Fri 18 Aug 14

“It is calculated exploitation and a secret nobody ever talks about,” says Greg Sayers.

Hotel valuations to be revamped and likely to drop on Goff's 'pillow tax'

Fri 9 Jun 9

Many unknowns with the new council targeted rate on hotels and motels.

Legal snags mount for Goff's proposed rates increase for hotels and motels

Mon 29 May 8

Adding a surcharge to cover council rates potentially breaches two acts.

Urgent legal work needed before Goff's pillow tax can be struck

Mon 22 May 6

Mayor Goff is keen for the vote to go his way.

RUSSELL BARTLETT QC: Highly debatable benefits

Goff’s ‘bed tax’ not taken lying down

Fri 7 Apr

The irony of the debate is the council is itself a major benefactor from Ateed’s efforts.

Sheraton hotel brand returns to Auckland after long absence

Wed 22 Mar

Office conversion to house new 255-room Sheraton Four Points hotel.

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