General Motors chief executive Mary Barra

Editor's Insight: The General finally calls it quits as a European carmaker

Fri 17 Feb 1

General Motors.will be smaller and more profitable if a deal to sell Opel and Vauxhall goes ahead.

SEAT's Ateca

Car Torque: BMW to show holographic touchscreen and Silicon Valley-based Chinese brand takes on Tesla

Wed 21 Dec

Should Tesla be worried about its newest competitor?

Car Torque: VW out of diesel market, new Beemer SUV seen

Tue 29 Nov

As Volkswagen backs away from diesel-powered cars, sister company Audi is being  ask about its defeat devices.

Car Torque: They're all at it: Two more carmakers launch electric vehicle brands

Mon 3 Oct 3

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler has officially launched its emissions-free EQ strain of vehicles.

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller

Editor's Insight: One year on, it's hunky dory at VW, apart from a few billion

Wed 21 Sep 2

The German car giant has record sales and is moving away from diesel into electric vehicles. 

Volkswagen New Zealand general manager Tom Ruddenklau

FCB hangs on to Volkswagen media here despite global consolidation

Fri 17 Jun

It appears FCB Media will hold on to Volkswagen’s media account despite global consolidation by the German carmaker.


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