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IoD Governance Leadership Centre manager Felicity Caird remains hopeful change can be made without quotas.

Are female quotas on boards inevitable?

Tue 10 Jul 54

Business weighs in on the minister's threats over gender diversity on boards.

Warehouse chair Joan Withers says  many of the operational impacts on profit performance are "transitional in nature"

Warehouse expects first-half earnings to fall by up to 28%

Thu 11 Jan 19

Reduction in profit due to accrual for redesigned incentive programme. 

Mark Adamson is in the dual role credit column.

CEOs on boards 'a vexed question'

Mon 18 Dec 7

Shoeshine was surprised to find former Fletcher Building chief executive Mark Adamson had also sat on the company’s board.

Professional director Joan Withers thinks its good news for women aspiring to governance. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

The winding path for women in corporate governance – what’s really improved?


People living half a century ago wouldn't recognise the modern workplace but women today say although changes do happen, so much stays the same.

Chief executive Nick Grayston said the "acceleration of our transformation plan is now an imperative to respond to emerging trends."

Warehouse posits to be a retailer that survives

Fri 24 Nov 2

Power has shifted to consumers.

Professional chairwoman Joan Withers says chief executives must learn how to ask the right questions (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

The lonely world of a new CEO

Thu 2 Nov 1

What's keeping CEOs up at night?: New chief executives need help from their board and chairpeople but they also must listen to the vibrations of the company.


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