Philip Carter
$120 million

Philip Carter is helping lead the Christchurch rebuild by building a central city car park rather than waiting for the city council or Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to get around to it. The car park will be part of a retail development in Cashel St called The Crossing. His son Tim has disappeared from public view recently after ending a term as a city councillor, one of the few who understood a balance sheet. Last year Mr Carter set up property company HCG Group to take advantage of the rebuild but it has not been conspicuous. The company is named after its founders – Quintin Henderson, Philip Carter, and Ben Gough.

Many of Carter Group’s building were destroyed in the earthquakes but he was well insured.

The firm retains extensive property holdings including the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Queenstown.

Since the earthquakes he has been living in a modest townhouse in central Christchurch after his $8 million Clifton Tce home was shattered and has overhung the cliff since February 2011. But he has bought an architecturally striking new house on Scarborough that has been undergoing refurbishment.

He is a sponsor of the arts, although the room that he sponsored in the Christchurch Art Gallery won’t be open for another couple of years yet.