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Philip Carter has teamed up with fellow NBR Rich List family the Goughs by setting up a new property company this year – HCG Group – that is expected to become involved in the earthquake rebuild. HCG is named after its founders – Quintin Henderson, Philip Carter and Ben Gough.

Philip Carter’s son, Tim, is also closely involved with Carter Group when he’s not busy with city business. In his capacity as a city councillor, he is one of the few to give mayor Bob Parker a run for his money around the meeting table. And he is one of the few around the council table with any grasp of financial issues.

The future of Carter Group’s severely earthquake-damaged historic Christchurch Regent Theatre headquarters in Cathedral Square is still unclear. But the firm retains its extensive property holdings in the Garden City plus the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Queenstown. Since the earthquakes, Philip has bought a modest townhouse in central Christchurch. The shattered half of his $8 million Clifton Tce home still overlooks the debris of the other half that fell off the cliff in February 22, 2011.

Philip is a keen sponsor of the arts, although the room that he sponsored in the Christchurch Art Gallery won’t be open for another couple of years yet. Many years ago, Philip bought out other family members including brothers Tony, former chief executive of Foodstuffs and now a company director, and David, National MP and Speaker of the House. Patriarch and family fortune founder, Maurice, died a couple of years ago aged 93.

$120 million
$95 million
$90 million
$150 million