Michael Wood (left) Parmjeet Parmar (right)

When politics enters enemy territory

Losing a core seat like Mt Roskill would give the Labour Party a body blow.

Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business & Week in Review


On Sunday Business E34: surfing entrepreneur Hayden Cox.

Vaughn Davis: "my only concern with these figures is that councils aren’t investing more in this area"

Experts say Auckland Council not spending enough on social media

Mon 24 Oct 4

Auckland Ratepayers Alliance says the $200,000 spent last year on Facebook and LinkedIn was a waste of money.

Reality rebuts rising radicalism


How media coverage fuels perceptions of inequality and poverty when the facts show otherwise.

Comvita chief executive Scott Coulter

Comvita share placement lifts Chinese investor's stake to 9%

China Resources Ng Fung will stock the NZ honey maker's product in 4000 supermarkets belong to affiliated retailers.

Jacqueline Rowarth

Heartland: Extreme weather tests dairy’s best


Top farmers get benefits from the use of supplements and shelters to protect water-sodden pastures.

Hayden Cox (Xero)

HAYDEN COX on shaping the future of surfboards

To say Hayden Cox threw himself in at the deep end at a young age is probably an understatement.

Jim Geraghty: could be dress rehearsal for election day attack

Massive cyber attack a dress-rehearsal for the US election?

New kind of DDoS attack takes out major sites like Netflix and Twitter for millions of Americans — and confirms worst fears about hackers' ability to hijack security cameras and other "internet of things" devices.

Spark MD Simon Moutter: Will be looking north this morning

The shape of things to come in NZ? AT&T buying Time Warner

The ComCom, just days away from ruling on Sky-TV Vodafone, will be keenly watching. So will Spark.

Digital media and kids: how much is too much?


How should we teach our kids to use digital media? New rules about screen time.

A scene from "Chancers"

Fraud film programmer finds plenty to choose from for first festival


The two-day Fraud Film Festival is aimed at both anti-fraud professionals and the general public.

WARNING: Does Christopher Luxon’s language cause strokes?

Christopher Luxon caused my stroke

Possible explanations for this claptrap are either Luxon was taking the mickey or was blind drunk when he wrote it.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell

Commissioner wants to raise retirement age to 67, Goldsmith disagrees

Raising age of eligibility is a no-brainer, says Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell.

Jamie Beaton

Media Watch: Will Harvard see red over Kiwi startup?

Mentoring business reveals too much to our economics-challenged columnist.

Pumpkin Patch chairman Peter Schuyt
Mark Warminger

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