Vicki Saunders

VICKI SAUNDERS on the entrepreneurial future for women in business

Vicki Saunders is leading the way for female entrepreneurs. 

The Muldoon scheme paid 80% of the average wage (a figure which included overtime) to everyone at age 60

Super debate: Who is subsidising whom?


The baby boomer generation paid dearly in higher taxes to fund their parents' superannuation. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook

No evidence of Apple tax rort

The NZ Herald went big last Saturday on accusing Apple of paying zero New Zealand tax over the past decade, highlighting the dangers of a merger with rival Fairfax.

With his travel ban blocked and his healthcare legislation pulled, Trump's presidency is off to a frustrating start

Trump's first attempt at legislation fails as Republicans pull healthcare bill

Sat 25 Mar 10

A classic illustration that whatever your system of government — first-past-the-post or MMP — you can't escape faction fighting.

Shoeshine: How Fletcher Building exposed itself


More heads could roll following shock downgrade.

Hidesight: State subsidies worsen tribal favouritism

Politics, tribal politics and business are hopelessly intertwined and conflicted.

On the money: Trump pushes new arms race


The economic rationale behind President Trump’s militarism reflects the fact the US is the world’s largest arms dealer.

Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business and Week in Review


Coming up on Sunday Business: Andrew Patterson talks to Vicki Saunders, a leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation.

Carry on: Level takes off, Expedia's Air NZ deal, Cuba flights flop and more


Business travel news also includes Air New Zealand's expanded Air China codeshare and more seasonal Christchurch-Singapore flights.

Media watch: Paula puts out hard word for soft touch

Approaching journalists for cash donations ignores the state of the industry.

Weekly Hit: ‘Palmer clause’ hedges Labour for poll collapse

Despite Jacinda Ardern’s polling success, Andrew Little remains safe as Labour leader for at least the next three months

Order Paper: Generational generalisations and a sense of slipping

I've had enough of this framing in every issue in generational terms.

Bill English


ACT leader David Seymour

P2P lenders at odds over David Seymour's rejected 'credit fee' changes

Legislative changes shut down. ACT leader argues fintech stifled, a p2p lender 'totally disagrees.'


Labour, Greens pledge fiscal responsibility if elected

The opposition bloc have a memorandum of understanding to try to topple the National-led government. With NBR VIEW video interview.