Wynyard: classic governance failure – Hawkins

“It’s a pretty classic failure of governance with the company and a lack of control by the board of management extending back some time”

The Big Smoke's author Ben Schrader

Need for government housing intervention an unlearnt history lesson

“The idea that the private sector would provide decent, affordable housing was really a bit of a myth, from the colonial period onwards.”

Century 21’s New Zealand manager, Geoff Barnett

Century 21 pleads for a delay in further housing restrictions

Housing market activity, particularly in Auckland, has already slowed significantly in the face of the Reserve Bank’s third round of loan-to-valuation restrictions, says Century 21 boss Geoff Barnett.

NZ Police undecided on whether to buy back Wynyard software for $1

Tue 25 Oct 2

 Wynyard's insolvency is among the conditions that would trigger NZ Police's right to buy back the intellectual property rights attached to the digital forensics product and any developments for $1.

BNZ currency strategist Jason Wong

Currency Talk: US dollar continues its climb

Join BNZ's Jason Wong and NBR's Jason Walls for Currency Talk. With special feature audio.

NZ dollar little changed as market rethinks depth of rate cuts

Tue 25 Oct

ANZ Bank New Zealand economists have dropped their prediction for New Zealand's Reserve Bank to cut the official cash rate in February, now projecting a reduction next month to 1.75 percent.

MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares rise as Air NZ, Fletcher, Chorus bounce

Tue 25 Oct

Air New Zealand was the best performer, up 3.8 percent to $1.91, while Fletcher Building rose 3.2 percent to $10.21 and Chorus gained 2.2 percent to $3.76.

PM ponders reshuffle: 'a small number' of ministers [photo: Rob Hosking]

Politics: PM John Key on reshuffle prospects

“My guess is there will be, at the margin, a very small number more, and that will give us an opportunity to refresh going into the election”

Sir Michael Friedlander

Friedlanders in $2m dispute with Mainzeal owner Richina Pacific

Tue 25 Oct 1

Mainzeal contractor didn’t install a car stacking system properly, Friedlander’s company claims.

Angel Association chairman Marcel van den Assum

Angel investment up 17% this year

Find out where the money is going. With special feature audio.

Abano Healthcare chief executive Richard Keys

Abano expects 50% lift in 2017 first-half profit on gains from dental acquisitions

Tue 25 Oct

Auckland-based Abano is investing in building its chain of dental businesses in a fragmented market, where it aims to capture 10% of the $11 billion of revenue.

Wynyard chairman Guy Haddleton
Kim Dotcom (Chris Keall)
Vaughn Davis: "my only concern with these figures is that councils aren’t investing more in this area"
Comvita chief executive Scott Coulter
WARNING: Does Christopher Luxon’s language cause strokes?
Spark MD Simon Moutter: Will be looking north this morning
Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell
Jamie Beaton

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