Andrew Turnbull, the Investment Committee Chair for the Kiwi Innovation Network

ANDREW TURNBULL on commercialising innovation

This week's featured guest on NBR Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson is Andrew Turnbull, the investment committee chairman for the Kiwi Innovation Network.

Institute of Directors CEO Kirsten Patterson says it’s not a good attitude to sit back and wait for the next generation to figure this out.

When the digital steamroller hits corporate education


Recognising the power of digital to expand or hurt business models is, ironically, probably a core lesson in executive education courses.

Poker face or becoming modesty?

Private Bin: Either/Orr


Private Bin: NBR’s weekly round-up of the absurd, ironic and straight-up stupid.

Citi chief political analyst Tina Fordham says financial markets. under-rate the impact of politics.

Citi sees rise in political risk


Opinion: Financial markets have peaked in their resilience to shrug off political shocks and unexpected outcomes from elections.

Nothing interesting or amusing happened to the Race Relations Commissioner.

Christmas Chat


In Tray: Our satirist imagines what newsmakers of the week might say.

Bitcoin's frothy fundamentals


Opinion: The fundamentals are certainly there, though at two different levels.

Mike Hosking aced the debates.

The year that was from A to Z


MEDIA WATCH: Alphabetically remembering the year that was.

Acting Reserve Bank governor Grant Spencer tackles the 'bigger fool' theory.

Tracing media’s demise one story at a time


Opinion: Sir Bob Jones won't miss The Dominion Post.

Rear View: 2017

Fri 15 Dec

Simon Dallow gives his perspective on the highlights of the business news of 2017.

Air New Zealand revenue officer Cam Wallace says the new Auckland-Brisbane flights will add 10% more capacity.

Brisbane winter flights, capital's new Queenstown service and Singapore's chatbot

Carry On: The week's business travel roundup also includes a new Fiji-Japan service and changes in the Malaysian Airlines network.

NBR Radar: The business quest for value-add over commodity

Fri 15 Dec

As part of NBR's series on smart people doing smart business, we profile Peter Cullinane from Lewis Road Creamery.

Brent Sheather is an Authorised Financial Adviser at Private Asset Management

ACC v NZ Super Fund on fees, horizons and returns


Opinion: Comparing the two largest government-owned funds and what they are telling investors.

Inquest: Perspectives on the political week

Fri 15 Dec

Grant Walker is joined by ANZ chief economist Sharon Zollner & former Labour associate finance minister Clayton Cosgrove for analysis of the 2017 HYEFU.

Professional director Joan Withers thinks its good news for women aspiring to governance. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

The winding path for women in corporate governance – what’s really improved?


People living half a century ago wouldn't recognise the modern workplace but women today say although changes do happen, so much stays the same.

Ross Ardern (MFAT)
"Still Testing" in position for launch on the Mahia Peninsula. Unlike the first test launch, the second will be live-streamed.
It would be an extraordinary achievement for Bill English to return to a senior ministerial role in 2020. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)
Spark MD Simon Moutter: pushing "owned fibre," fixed wireless and other strategies to increase margins by cutting Chorus out of the loop
Just over two years after Sir Jerry Mateparae handed the ONZM insignia to Best Pacific founder Anita Finnigan, her business has shut its doors.
InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter says "Changes to the US rules won't have any direct effect in New Zealand but might mean innovation in new services slows down in the US."
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “We will have to make sure we act in a fiscally prudent manner and we believe we have allowed ourselves room to operate.” (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)
Metro Performance Glass chief executive Nigel Rigby is departing.


EY's David Snell: “I don’t see anything in these documents that would force me to lift that figure further. I would love to see it but the dots don’t quite join up for me.”

Treasury’s upbeat productivity pickup challenged


In the half-yearly economic and fiscal update (HYEFU), productivity was picked to increase to 1.1% over the forecast period.