Veritas chairman Tim Cook said “We all wish we could tell you some more."

Clash over Mad Butcher debt at Veritas vote

Fri 16 Mar 7

Unhappy shareholders approve sale to interests associated with Michael Morton. Watch NBR View's Susan Wood interview reporter Tim Hunter.

Apec executive director Alan Bollard says even base industries such as steel and aluminium are now caught up in complex supply chains.

Tariff war talk overdone


Opinion: Trade liberalisation has moved from tariffs to other areas that remove bottlenecks in the global flow of goods and services.

The Jaguar I-Pace has Tesla firmly in its sights in the race to the top of the premium EV pile.

Incoming luxo-brand EV assault bad news for Tesla

This year should see an onslaught of pure-electric new models from a host of manufacturers.

Rear View: The best of NBR

Fri 16 Mar

Simon Dallow takes a look at a week in which labour camps no longer conjure images of Stalinistic gulags, and tax and battles for air space in man and unmanned aircraft made up the highlights in NBR. 

Hopefully the coming NCEA review will give some thought to producing better measures of performance.

Digging data to find NCEA scores


Opinion: The whole system seems designed to frustrate anybody wanting a simple statistic gauging a student’s overall performance.

Bruce Kohn suggests a "Kiwibuild visa" could be helpful.

Solutions to cure housing needs


Opinion: Prefabricated dwellings can be constructed in half the time it takes to build a conventional home.

The Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium is the do-everything car.

Subaru's updated Outback will have all other wagons trembling


Motoring: If I were Subaru, I’d reclaim the mantle of the station wagon.

An Auckland-Cape Town direct route.

More southern polar flights, Virgin restores Australia-London link and more

Carry On: Business travel news also includess Turkish Airlines' big Airbus deal and Boeing's new Guinness record.

Winston Smith and his colleagues demonstrate in 1984.

Auckland Arts Festival; 1984 – The birth of fake news


A play in which none of the characters are heroic.

Paul Head is chief executive of the Commercial Communications Council.

Marketing's inconvenient truth


Opinion: Marketing effectiveness has declined because of an obsession on short-termism.

Keytone founder James Gong says NZX is too conservative
Canterbury Legal director Clive Cousins has received three complaints.
Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is convinced pay equity is an "intractable problem." (Photo: Jonathan-Castellino)
Beingmate founder Sam Xie floated the company.
Rodger Finlay says each project will have clear criteria on which to judge whether it has been successful or not.
Matthew Orange, while still at Sky TV, said "The world is moving to more digital consumption of content. So it’s really about disrupting our existing business model.”


Transport Minister Phil Twyford says National left a $5.9 billion funding hole in Auckland’s transport plan.

Taxing increase in residential property values is one option


Phil Twyford says National had not ruled out tax on residential property.


Liddell with Trump on January 30 this year (Getty)

Kiwi Chris Liddell passed over as Larry Kudlow named Trump's top economic adviser


Trump called the Kiwi businessman a genius, but he was up against a long-time friend.


NBR publisher Todd Scott: "There needs to be greater transparency when it comes to the motivation behind strongly-held opinion. Journalists are disciplined enough to set aside their biases, columnists not so much"

The media’s PR people problem


One publisher says he’s cutting ties completely with people “paid to push a point of view.”