Winston Peters (Photo: Jerry Yelich O'Connor)

Election 2017: It's Winston's call

Why the NZ First leader is more likely to go with National than a red-green-black coalition.

Bill English on-stage at Sky City: "In the next few days, we will be holding talks with NZ First and finding common ground"

Election 2017: English delivers for National — but not over the line yet

"I won't be giving any answers tonight or tomorrow," says Winston Peters, who sits in the familiar position of kingmaker. Some 380,000 special votes are still to be counted.

Steven Joyce working the phone last night (Jerry Yelich O'Connor)

Election 2017: The biggest winners, the biggest losers

Sun 24 Sep 7

Expectations and pundits defied. And dogs. Lots of dogs.

BizDojo founder Nick Shewring

Nick Shewring on entrepreneurs' mental health


NBR Sunday Business: Andrew Patterson talks to BizDojo co-founder about coping with mental health issues.

Voters queue at a booth near a Britomart railway station exit in the Auckland CBD on Thursday

Advance votes total 1.2 million, smashing record

Sat 23 Sep 55

One in three have cast an advance ballot.

Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane

Lewis Road Creamery to avoid court stoush by settlement

Sat 23 Sep

Former chief financial officer Stephen Panckhurst wanted a larger share in the company. 

Corporate Cabs chief executive says monopoly isn't for everyone but clear goals are

Competition is for losers


Intelligent SMEs: A quiet, top-down messaging nudges SMEs toward competition, when they should be aiming for monopoly.

New York Fed president William Dudley said the balance sheet could settle out at between $US2.4 trillion and $US3.5 trillion

Fed begins 'great unwinding'


Margin Call: The US Federal Reserve has started to unwind its $US4.2 trillion portfolio of mortgage and Treasury bonds.

Former Air NZ chief executive Rob Fyfe is joining board of Air Canada

Canada looks south, welcome to Wales and more


Carry On: The weekly business travel news roundup also includes how airlines handled fuel shortage and 12 months of the Capital Express.

Tax Management chief operating officer Mara Fisher says "SMEs are often lonely"

Matchmaking by word of mouth


Intelligent SMEs: Word of mouth is the best way for SMEs to find advisers – and advisers to find clients.

Why Trump's tirades are losing their potency


A marketing theory that describes how consumers respond to persuasive messaging offers some clues.

MinterEllisonRuddWatts partner Mark Forman thinks not enough emphasis is placed on teaching entrepreneurship

Putting theory into practice for young SMEs


Intelligent SMEs: While university education has its place, it is not and should not be seen as the only solution for "educating" people.

Regus New Zealand area manger Pierre Ferrandon points out that being tied to a long-term lease doesn't give SMEs the flexibility they require or desire

The advantages of outsourcing office space


Intelligent SMEs: Workspace as a service is a thing – and one with a number of advantages for SMEs.

Aaron Drever confirmed he was considering a deal to buy the brand
Professor Andrew Geddis says "No one has 'the first crack' at forming a government"
NZ Oil & Gas director Duncan Saville is much smarter than a bowl of muesli
Powerhouse chairman Russell Yardley says the transaction demonstrates the substantial value of Invert Robotics
A Fletcher crane in the Commercial Bay project (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)
To me, it felt like being inside a brilliant VR version of The Sims, but still way too artificial for me to shop naturally
BizDojo founder Nick Shewring says there's still too much stigma around mental health issues

Editor's pick


Housing strategist Leonie Freeman says “Let’s be clear. This is categorically about more than just talking" (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Pitiful new home numbers sign of ‘deeply troubling performance failure’


“It’s time to stop talking and actually get on with building houses," says Leonie Freeman.



Puff and over-protective editorial admirers surround Jacinda Ardern (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Polls, punditry and puffery

Media Watch: The election campaign has focused on the Labour Party’s earnest new leader and her soaring chances against Bill English.