How many tourists actually stay in Auckland’s hotels and motels Phil?

Bob Jones Unedited: Why Goff’s bed tax is appalling


Sir Bob says tourism's financial benefits are hugely exaggerated, and threatens to take up nude line dancing.

What's the deal with Jimmy Spithill?


There’s a difference between being confident and assertive, of being sure of your place, and being Jimmy Spithill.

G3 chairman Rob Campbell
Only a wonderfully other-worldy intellectual like Sir Peter would ever think big data could possibly work

Hidesight: Big data won’t save state’s health system

Perverse incentives at are at the heart and centre of government-run services.

Hautahi Kingi

Book extract: International migration: the great trade-off


An extract from Fair Borders? Migration Policy in the 21st Century, edited by David Hall.

President Mauricio Macri put an end to the allegedly corrupt and spendthrift “Kirchnerist” government

On the Money: Politics, Argentina-style

Former president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner splits from Peronists to form her own political party.

Don Jose (Tom Randle) and Carmen (Nino Surguladze)

Dramatic and innovative staging for new Carmen


  NZ Opera's Carmen features a young assured woman rather than a swaggering gypsy .

Prominent property developer Tim Manning is one investor who took ACTL to court

The Matariki Codex – ground-breaking technology or 20-year rort?

Investors – including Tim Manning, pictured above – claim the company behind the codex has inappropriately spent their funds.

Hainan Airlines founder Chen Feng “leads new executives in a recitation of HNA’s core values"

UDC buyer caught up in Chinese debt probe

China’s banking regulator is reportedly concerned about high leverage.    

Resarcher Derek Gill says perceptions of inequality are subjective

Inequality myths hide poverty trap

Fri 23 Jun 9

Inequality has been steady since the mid-1990s but concerns over poverty and house prices are rising.

Rear View: The best of NBR week ending June 23

Fri 23 Jun

A look back at the highlights of the news week. For links to the featured articles click on the headline above.

Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business and Week in Review


This week’s feature guests are Blunt Umbrella co-founders Greig Brebner and Scott Kington.

Ian Wright aims to revolutionise the heavy-duty vehicles that are used in urban environments  (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Kea recognises the Wright stuff

Fri 23 Jun 1

Tesla's Kiwi co-founder says New Zealand is a good market for his latest venture.

Bill English on The Nation
Departing millennial MP Todd Barclay
FNZC head of institutional research Arie Dekker is dissatisfied with current retirement village disclosure
Bell Gully partner James Cooney says cash-only transactions are much simpler deals for bidders to make (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)
President Donald Trump rubbishes the existence of former FBI director James Comey's tapes
FSF executive director Lyn McMorran says her group is setting standards for the sector
Campaign for Change boss Matt McCarten says “I regret that the programme has not lived up to this promise for all volunteers” (photo: RNZ)
Jim O'Malley in front of the Cadbury plant: He now doubts Mondelez was ever serious about his crowdfunding bid
Labour leader Andrew Little had been defending defamation action brought by Scenic’s founders and NBR Rich Listers Earl and Lani Hagaman (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)
Todd Barclay's "steep learning curve" is becoming unpalatable


Associate Justice Minister Mark Mitchell says removing the Crown guarantee will end Public Trust's competitive advantage

Public Trust, the trustee of last resort, to lose its Crown guarantee next year


The financial services supervisor had $474 million of funds under management in the common fund as at June 30, 2016, that qualify for the guarantee.