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A major upgrade for NBR Radio: Introducing MyNBR Radio

Create your own playlist and get instant, on-demand access to audio steams of stories and special features.

Fri, 20 Mar 2015

We've just launched MyNBR Radio, a major upgrade to NBR Radio.

Those two extra little letters in our enhanced service make a big difference.

Where NBR Radio is a looping stream of free audio of our Heads Up and Last Call stories, MyNBR Radio lets NBR ONLINE paid subscribers play the story they want immediately, or create their own playlists.

MyNBR Radio also provides instant access to special features, which include interviews, panel discussions and extra context – as wells as dollops of behind-the-scenes gossip – as  reporters discuss their stories.

Here's how it works: You see most stories on our home page now have a blue microphone icon beside them. If you're a paid subscriber, click that mic to add the story to your Playlist. You'll also see the option to add special feature audio.

To see your Playlist, click the new MyNBR Radio tab on the navigation bar that runs along the top of our home page.

NBR Publisher Todd Scott took to Twitter to bill MyNBR Radio as the world’s first subscriber-only on-demand online radio service behind a paywall – a claim that’s yet to be challenged.

It's also really easy. Jump in and give it a go. 

If you're not already a subscriber, hit or take advantage of our free smartphone-only subscription offer that runs until August 31, which you can tap through (as 1100 and counting already have).

A huge amount of work has gone into MyNBR radio, which has been created in partnership with our usual crew – Sparks Interactive and Webdrive – plus Southern Broadcast. We're hugely excited about it and hope you find it really useful.

Of course, as with any technology launch, there will be a few wrinkles. Please let us know in comments after this story or email the publisher via (bouquets are welcome too, just quietly).

NZ’s largest business newsroom gets bigger
To fuel NBR Radio and the fast-expanding NBR ONLINE, Mr Scott has added several staff to what was already NZ’s largest business newsroom.

The high-profile Tim Hunter (perhaps best known as his alter ego, Chalkie) will be coming on board soon.

He will be joining recent hires that include ex-Dominion Post business reporter Hamish McNicol and Vicki Jayne, who has returned to work on The Rich List.

The total head count of reporters will soon be 17 and that’s not including contributors – or broadcasters John Stewart and Grant Walker, who have come on board to voice NBR Radio.

Best, not biggest
NBR’s publisher says he’s not after more stories but more in-depth stories. Mr Scott’s aim is to make the majority of NBR ONLINE’s revenue from subscribers.

Many news sites today are chasing clicks with “churnalism” and have business plans based on serving masses of low-yielding ads.

In contrast, Mr Scott says, NBR’s model – centred on revenue from readers – incentivises journalists to write tough, intelligent stories.

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A major upgrade for NBR Radio: Introducing MyNBR Radio