The Authority Since 1970

Who we are

The National Business Review is a privately owned, 100% digital news service dedicated to coverage of business and politics in New Zealand. NBR was founded in 1970 to give readers an authoritative, trusted view of the New Zealand business landscape. That still holds true today. From our team of reporters and offices in Auckland and Wellington we deliver daily news and analysis to subscribers through our website and email newsletters. We do not write opinions, accept no sponsored content, and no advertising, so readers can be sure of our independence – we are beholden only to them. Who are our readers? The hungry. The passionate. The makers. The late-nighters. The starter uppers. The dirty fingernails as well as the corner office types. The leaders. The investors. The advisers. The owners whose thousands of businesses every day build and grow the New Zealand economy. The people who rely on business news and analysis as tools of the trade.


Our values

We are pro business. We believe in the power of successful businesses to benefit all New Zealanders. On politics, we will not toe a party line. We will report the facts, provide analysis and offer a forum for intelligent debate. We will play the ball, not the man or woman, and expect our contributors and commenters to do the same. We are honest, trustworthy, and passionate about doing our best for subscribers. We tell it like it is.


Our people

NBR is owned by Todd and Jackie Scott who completed their acquisition from previous owner Barry Colman in 2020, the same year NBR celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Todd Scott, a former advertising salesman, was hired by Colman in 2008 to monetise the website. In July the following year the paywall was introduced, a pioneering move in New Zealand media at the time.
He and Jackie took over management of NBR in 2012 through their company Fourth Estate Holdings (2012).
Today, Todd continues to be involved in strategy and vision at board level, while Jackie is the company's chief financial officer. They are currently based in Fiji.
NBR's co-editors are Calida Stuart-Menteath and Hamish McNicol. For more on our editorial staff click here.