Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges is a New Zealand leader and household name given his time in politics and his high media profile over many years.

 A lawyer turned senior National politician and MP for Tauranga, Simon held a raft of senior responsibilities in New Zealand politics, including as Leader of the National Party and of the Opposition.  

Prior to Parliament, Simon started his career in a national law firm and was then a Crown prosecutor for several years conducting many serious criminal jury trials.

Simon has an LLB (Hons) and BA from Auckland University, and a Bachelor of Civil law from Oxford University (where he met wife Natalie). In addition, Simon has studied at the London School of Economics and interned at the British House of Commons as part of a Chevening-Hansard Society Fellowship.

Recently retired from politics he is focusing on his commercial and media work and his family of Emlyn, Harry and Jemima. He enjoys board games, playing the drums, red wine, podcasts, and reading. 

Simon Bridges's Articles

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