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Marketing plays of the week: Maritime NZ, Coke and the Old Spice guy returns...

Victoria Young
Sat, 14 Dec 2013

Life jackets for life
Client: Maritime NZ
Agency: DraftFCB

The annual wear-your-life-jacket campaign from Maritime NZ. DraftFCB Wellington general manager Paul Irwin says while lifejacket use has gone up  there is still a widely held view that life jackets cramp fishermen’s style and accidents on the water only happen to those who aren’t good boaties. The ad – which is retro 80s to target over 40 year olds - takes on the buddy cop theme because boating is all about looking after your mates, Mr Irwin says. The campaign will run until March.

WestJet Christmas Miracle
Client: WestJet
PR Agency: Mosaic

Tearjerker alert! This Canadian airline played Santa to two flights of passengers and the video quickly went viral. A digital Santa asked WestJet travellers what they wanted for Christmas and while they were in the air went out and bought it for them. Gifts included flight tickets, tablets, and a flat screen TV. The presents were then released onto the luggage carousel. Despite the oodles of press this campaign is getting it works  because it feels genuine and reminds us all of the spirit of Christmas. The only loser in this campaign: the poor guy who asked for socks and underwear.

Don't be a #cooldad
Client: Health Promotion Agency
Agency: DraftFCB

Societal change campaigns, aren’t easy, but DraftFCB has already made good ground for the Health Promotion Agency with “Yeah, Nah” campaign for easing up on the drink. DraftFCB’s next follow up, to raise awareness around the change that is illegal to supply alcohol to under 18s. Interestingly DraftFCB group account director Jane Wardlaw says research had shown parents wanted a way to say no to their children. The agency  wants parents to feel uncool for trying to be cool. Ms Wardlaw says humour is the best way to tell these types of messages. 

Coke loves summer
Client: Coke
Agency: Ogilvy

Your favourite X-Factor NZ contestants will aren’t going anywhere yet - they are still attached to sponsor Coke. Through an ad with agency Ogilvy, third runner-up Benny Tipene is the “surprise” voice of this year’s summer campaign. The artist has released his latest single as the theme song to this coke ad. Coke will also be sponsoring other X Factor NZ contestants Moorhouse and Jackie Thomas for free live performances in early January.

Old Spice #GentleManHunt
Client: Proctor & Gamble (Old Spice)
Agency: Leo Burnett

Women all over the world can rejoice that smooth-talking, always shirtless Isaiah Mustaf - otherwise known as the Old Spice guy - is back. For Britain. Launching on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #GentleManHunt, whatever comes next is sure to be a hit. Ever since P&G realized it is women who buy men’s deodorant and addressed them through Isaiah Mustaf it has seen sales of the Old Spice body wash grow by 40% so it will be looking to transport that success around the globe.

Victoria Young
Sat, 14 Dec 2013
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Marketing plays of the week: Maritime NZ, Coke and the Old Spice guy returns...