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MARKETING PLAYS OF THE WEEK: MyRepublic beams up William Shatner

Campbell Gibson
Fri, 17 Oct 2014


Agency: Energi

Client: MyRepbulic

It’s been a controversial week in the ISP world, with ‘throttling’ being the hot topic (ie, ISPs slowing down internet speeds for regulation). This ad features Star Trek actor William Shatner promoting MyRepublic’s debut in New Zealand last week. We see a futuristic Mr Shatner segue (literally, on a Segway) through a Kiwi home. He scoffs and shakes his head at TV-on-demand buffering, three Kim Dotcoms (heaven forbid) gaming with lag and finally a family experiencing “peak time frustrations”. MyRepublic marketing and communications manager Kelly Jones says the swearing at the end was ad libbed by Mr Shatner. She says it added to the campaign so it was kept in. Ads that use foreign celebrities are always a risk, as they might not resonate with Kiwis (à la Sealord). But MyRepublic has successfully nailed the combo of being quirky and relevant. And Mr Shatner’s right, we do deserve f*****g better internet. The campaign will run on TV, cinemas and online.


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Client: Tip Top

Brace yourselves, the much-loved Tip Top Fruju Tropical Snow is back. This quick edit is the first of many pieces of work to market the nostalgia-inducing ice cream. Colenso BBDO head of activation and PR Paul Gunn says the ad will not feature on TV but the team has “basically been giving out free ice creams” to those who voted for the Fruju Tropical Snow and then filming their reactions as a way to start the campaign. What better way to market ice cream? Just over a year ago Tip Top asked its customers to vote between the Tropical Snow, Strawberry Toppa and Mint Trumpet. Although the Tropical Snow topped the poll with 20,000 votes, it will sadly only return to stores for a limited time. The winning ice cream will be slightly different this time, however – in January Tip Top ran a campaign announcing it had replaced its artificial flavours and colours with natural alternatives.


Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Client: Southern Cross

Barnes, Catmur & Friends is continuing its streak of striking print campaigns with this tongue-in-cheek Southern Cross ad. It featured in the National Business Review (print), Dominion Post and New Zealand Herald last week and is being republished this week. Barnes, Catmur & Friends chief executive Daniel Barnes says the complex topic of health makes print the ideal medium. He says it was a good way to remind people the organisation doesn’t aim to make a profit. The ad doesn’t tell the whole story – not only is the insurer not making profit, it has slipped further into the red – but its boss says he is comfortable with that.



Client: Positively Wellington Tourism

Positively Wellington Tourism has released a fast paced ad that rushes through some of the diversions to be found in the hipster capital of New Zealand. While ads like this are commonplace for tourism advertising now, this one – directed by award-winning filmmaker Rob Sarkies (Scarfies, Out of the Blue, Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story) and featuring an original track by The Eversons – unusually emphasises Wellington’s food and beverage offerings and passes over the mainstay attractions of Te Papa and Lord of the Rings.


Agency: Heyday

Client: Z Energy

Z Energy is taking advantage of New Zealand’s ingrained rugby culture with this new iteration of the ‘Zip Thru Z’ campaign. The campaign has been running for a couple of months and aims to demonstrate how fast and simple it is to pay at the petrol station. Z Energy digital marketing manager Pete Robson says some people have pointed out issues with the type of car in previous ads. “It shows that people really are watching our ads and we’ve had some really great feedback on social media.” I was enjoying the ad until the abrupt change in pace when we learn the commentary is happening in a watching kid’s head. It was an odd way to end an otherwise clever ad. Mr Robson says another ad will go live on Sunday. 

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Campbell Gibson
Fri, 17 Oct 2014
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MARKETING PLAYS OF THE WEEK: MyRepublic beams up William Shatner