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NZ POLITICS DAILY: 14th January 2014

Bryce Edwards
Wed, 11 Jul 2018

The main issues in NZ politics today are Colin Craig and smacking, the Act Party, Dotcom's Mega Party, and oil and gas. [Read more below]


Today’s links


Colin Craig and smacking

Dominion Post: Editorial: Slap-happy Craig targets Right's rump

Russell Brown (Public Address): Making it up on smacking

Linda Hall (Hawkes Bay Today): Law does not stop child abuse

Greer Berry (Stuff): Anti-smacking law hitting its targets

Pete George (Your NZ): How big an issue is smacking?

Jessie Hume (Daily Blog): Colin Craig; unilaterally supporting the harm of children

Daily Blog: We don’t need any more of Colin Craig’s Political Sadism

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Smacking law is stupid: Colin Craig

Radio NZ: Smacking comment by Craig appals ex-MP

Rebecca Quilliam (Herald): Colin Craig targets anti-smacking law

Pete George (Your NZ): National could get smacked

Pete George (Your NZ): Will a flick of the finger become a smack on the bum?

TVNZ: Colin Craig admits breaking 'silly' anti-smacking law

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk ZB): Police side-step political debate over smacking

Pete George (Your NZ): Happy clapper smacker

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Smart move by Craig

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): He’s been hitting Elizabeth, we hear


Act Party

Matthew Hooton (NBR): New leadership team for ACT (paywalled)

Adam Bennett (Herald): Hooton rules out standing for Act in Epsom

Julie Moffett (Newstalk ZB): Profile seen to be problem for ACT

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Hooton won't contest ACT leadership

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk ZB): Hooton rules out standing in Epsom

Adam Bennett (Herald): Young Act members seek nominations


Dotcom’s Mega Party

Chris Trotter (Stuff): Dotcom's Megaparty of serious fun

Danyl Mclauchlan (Dim-Post): Microparties

No Right Turn: Missing the obvious

Greg Boyed (Newstalk ZB): Greg's Memo: January 13

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Why National have most to fear from Kim Dotcom’s new political party

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Dotcom to launch 'Party Party'


Oil and gas

3 News Online Staff (TV3): Greens send postcard to Anadarko

Pete George (Your NZ): Dunedin oil/gas support and opposition

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): I just can’t stand the hypocrisy

Radio NZ: Govt denies opposition to deep sea drilling is growing

Radio NZ: Greens take anti-drill campaign on road

TVNZ: Protesters jeer oil boss in Taranaki

Ele Ludemann (Homepaddock): Irony or hypocrisy?

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Comparing oil and gas to munitions

Pete George (Your NZ): Turei on offshore exploration

The Standard: Oil Free Otago’s day of action

David Kennedy (Homepaddock): Oil Drilling, A Future For Fools!

Pete George (Your NZ): Mayor and councillor aligned on oil ethics

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): Who wants to be a millionaire like the Norwegians?

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): Dunedin Mayor squeamish about gas exploration

Radio NZ: Oil protestors say more protests likely

Wilma McCorkindale (Stuff): Dunedin mounts drilling protest

Taranaki Daily News: Comment: Protesters seen as good guys only in movies

Pete George (Your NZ): Oil opponents overstating support

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil): Hippy flotilla flops


Welfare drug-testing

Laura McQuillan (Newstalk ZB): Govt defends drug-testing of beneficiaries

Polity: Paula Bennett does the sums

Greg Presland (The Standard): Paula Bennett wastes taxpayers money on drug testing

Ele Ludemann (Homepaddock): Missing the point

David Fisher (Herald): Minister claims low drug result as victory

John Minto (Daily Blog): On a scale from one to 10 how vile is Paula Bennett?

Radio NZ: Drug-testing policy for beneficiaries not being properly tested

Steven Cowan (Against the Current): Mike Hosking: Lying Bastard

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Why Bennett’s drug policy is a screaming success but not in the way Paula pretends it is



Liam Dann (Herald): The world's watching you Fonterra

Laura Walters (Stuff): Fonterra confirms E.Coli present

Martin van Beynen (Stuff): Let's talk about dairying

TVNZ: Farmers could face hefty bill if Fonterra loses case



Colin Espiner (Stuff): Quitting booze culture won't be easy

Michael Cummings (Manawatu Standard): Editorial: NZ needed to see drunken child

Herald: Herald on Sunday editorial: Drunk boy a disgrace to us all

RadioLIVE: Labour renews calls for alcohol law changes

Paul Buchannan (Kiwipolitico): “Its OK–He’s Maori.”

Dave Armstrong (Dominion Post): Real drinking changes are unlikely


Labour Party

Liam Hehir (Stuff): Tricky issues facing Cunliffe

Rachel Smalley (Newstalk ZB): Labour needs to get its running shoes on

Polity: Herald on Labour on tax avoidance

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Herald hypocrisy

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Labour says it is undemocratic to have public sector redundancies!

Womens Weekly: Real Kiwi bodies: Michele A’Court & Jacinda Ardern



Hamish McNicol (Stuff): Business optimism hits 20-year high

Radio NZ: Business confidence at highest level in 2 decades

Steven Joyce (Herald): NZ must keep moving forward to become 'Pacific Tiger'

Herald: Editorial: Labour right to tackle tax avoidance by online giants

Olivia Wannan (Stuff): Experience slashed in Govt job cuts

Brennan McDonald: Rock Star Economy 2014

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Competition helps all


Inequality and poverty

Mike Treen (Daily Blog): Inequality will be the issue for 2014

Nicola Young (Stuff): Living wage policy is 'poor solution' to complex problem

Tim Watkin (Pundit): At what point does using government services make you a bludger?

Tom Peters (WSW): Unstable economic upturn in New Zealand

Bryan Bruce (Daily Blog): Why Bother Being Good?



Southland Times: Editorial: Maximum stupidity

Ben Heather (Stuff): Tolley hits back on inmate flights

TVNZ: Prison union, passengers unhappy about inmates on flights

3 News Online Staff (TV3): Anne Tolley slams prison transport leak

Beith Atkinson (Integrity Talking Points):Independence of Judges and the Police Commissioner not just a constitutional nicety

Newswire: Deported criminal will be monitored


Climate change

Nelson Mail: Editorial: Is this the canary in the goldmine?

Steve Kilgallon (Stuff): Failed doubters trust leaves taxpayers at loss



Nicholas Jones (Stuff): The $42 million wasteland

Ruby Sycmore-Smith (ODT): Students get political in run-up to election

Jo Moir (Stuff): School gets aid despite assets worth millions

Dianne Khan (Daily Blog): The real Charter School agenda: Private equity and the silencing of teachers

Man of Errors: The airy fairy fluff of poverty and culture


National Party

Audrey Young (Herald): The backbenchers: MP draws on police wisdom in the House

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Know your fascist – Northland MP Mike Sabin



Ross Henderson (Stuff): Arise NZ, we don't need royalty

John Sargeant (Stuff): Royal link has global benefits


Maori politics

Bernard Orsman (Herald): Jackson sues over Maori board selection

Tariana Turia (Herald): Cultural traditions must remain

Grant Duncan (Policy Matters): Are we really such sticklers for protocol?

Joshua Hitchcock (Ka Tōnuitanga): Why I Do What I Do

Herald: Editorial: Maori trust's thread hurts its own mana


Len Brown

Bernard Orsman (Herald): Battle to fix Len Brown's image

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): The absentee Mayor

Torben Akel (TV3): McCready alleges corruption against Len Brown

Newswire: Brown to answer corruption allegations



Stuff: Objections to electorate boundary changes

Mike Mather and Elton Smallman (Stuff): Who will the Waikato vote for come the general election?

Audrey Young (Herald): The backbenchers: Taking chance to ditch the wheels for sneakers

Dougal McNeil (ISO): Family Court Reforms

NZ Parliament: New Zealand parliamentarians attend regional parliamentary forum

No Right Turn: Missing the obvious

Keir Leslie (Progress Report): The Honours List

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Not realising it is satire

Caleb Morgan (Cut Your Hair): Miscreants

Rachael Goldsmith (Daily Blog): Imagine.

Ele Ludemann (Homepaddock): Are taxpayers funding political and commercial campaigns?

John Lancashire (Dominion Post): A lot on Fonterra's plate

Polity: Matt McCarten on the year ahead

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Waikato seats

Kevin Foley (Timaru Herald): Cheap plonk, sponsorship merit debate

Steve Braunias (Stuff): The best things about Hamilton

Adam Bennett (Herald): British officials dismiss 'Anzac whitewash' fears

Scott Yorke (Imperator Fish): Unity!

TVNZ: Christchurch rebirth recognised in New York Times list

Radio NZ: NZ now 15th on broadband league table

Audrey Young (Herald): Ambassador series: Education key link for Thailand and NZ

Toby Manhire (Herald): The moa peril, and other tips for tourists in NZ

3 News Online Staff (TV3): Greens: GE ban 'would help NZ's image'

Jono Hutchison (TV3): New Zealand progressing to becoming smoke-


Bryce Edwards
Wed, 11 Jul 2018
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NZ POLITICS DAILY: 14th January 2014