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Tue, 18 Oct 2016


Jane Patterson (RNZ): Greens would cap migration at 1% of population

Audrey Young (Herald): Which jobs won't make it under the Govt's new point test for skilled immigrants?

Rob Hosking (NBR): Immigration: Key indicates reluctance to tighten rules further (paywalled)

Giovanni Tiso (Bat Bean Beam): On the need for a sustainable immigration policy, and where I think you should stick it

Donal Curtin (Economics NZ): Don't be too 'asty


Stuff: Housing crisis the cause of inequality in NZ: The New Zealand Initiative

RNZ: Treasury warned govt of problems with housing fund

Anne Gibson (Herald): Chinese real estate company finds world's fastest-rising house prices in New Zealand

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): New Zealand's hot house price growth may entice international investors

Newshub: NZ house prices world's fastest rising

Geoff Simmons (Morgan Foundation): Fact Check: Have home insulation grants helped the poor?

RNZ: Christchurch social housing rents to rise

John Minto (Daily Blog): High court challenge as government blunders on selling state houses while families live in cars and garages

Patrice Dougan (Herald): Rental property damage: Government looks at changing tenancy law

RNZ: Govt to change rule on tenant damage liability

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Renters could be forced to pay up to four weeks rent for property damage

Newshub: Property investors claim they're helping renters


Herald: 3000 junior doctors across the country go on strike

Anne-Marie McDonald (Wanganui Chronicle): Striking doctors: Our patients deserve better

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Junior doctors want 'commitment' to reduced hours enshrined in contract

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Dear NZ – You can’t have doctors AND tax cuts

Samantha Gee (Stuff): National group aims to address inequalities in mental health for Maori

Rob Stock (Stuff): Smokes v vapes v fresh air

Niki Bezzant (Herald): Sugar tax a start to tackling obesity

Stephanie Rodgers (Boots Theory): 10 things you could do instead of a sugar tax

Phil Vine (Herald): Medicinal cannabis costs set to tumble after cheaper product gets green light

Russell Brown (Public Address): A big week for medical cannabis

Kerre McIvor (Herald): Quick release from prison of pain


Nicholas Jones (Herald): Extra $15 million to fight drugs - but Key says 'War on P' not lost

Sam Sachdeva (Stuff): PM John Key announces $15m of initiatives for war on P and other drugs

John Edens and Michael Daly (Stuff): Gangs: civic-minded groups feeding the hungry or violent drug dealers?

Barry Soper (Herald): The tale of drugs and gangs

Law and order

Liam Hehir (Stuff): Collins said what many of us believe and know about poverty and crime

Herald Editorial: Law and order debate surfaces early in the electoral season

Nicholas Jones (Herald): John Key reveals concerns about children being victims of crime

Wilhelmina Shrimpton (Newshub): Kidnapping charge for senior police officers – report

Janine Rankin (Manawatu Standard): Should we expect our police officers to do it all?

Adam Dudding (Stuff): Chris Cahill, the new voice of the thin blue line

Lloyd Burr (Newshub): Winston still hasn’t forgiven Jenny Shipley for breaking police promise 

ODT Editorial: The full force of the law?

Justice and prisons

Audrey Young (Herald): Revealed: Government's $1b plan for more prison beds

Stuff: Payouts to prisoners: One is due $10,000 for being held in jail 5 weeks too long

John Edens (Stuff): Dame Lowell Goddard denies using racist language, says claims are 'totally false'

Stuff: Dame Lowell Goddard hits back at UK media reports

Claire Phipps, Matthew Weaver (Guardian): Former child abuse inquiry judge Lowell Goddard denies racism claims


Newshub: NZ one of 197 countries committing to greenhouse gas reduction

Vernon Small (Stuff): Greens propose 15c levy on plastic bags in move to cut pollution

Isobel Ewing, Lloyd Burr (Herald): Is New Zealand lagging behind on plastic bags?

Economy, trade

Chris Trotter (Stuff): Surplus should be used to fight poverty, not fund tax cuts

Richard Harman (Politik): Passage to India

Newswire: Government to review FTA with 10 Asian countries

Greg Presland (Standard): There goes the surplus

Liam Dann (Herald): Inflation now at dangerously low level

Stuff: NZ, Britain launch talks on a new free-trade deal as Brexit date looms

US politics

Danyl Mclauchlan (Dim Post): Trouble ahead

Bryan Gould (Herald): Could reality television put a Donald Trump into New Zealand politics?

Andrew Gunn (Stuff): Donald Trump is just aliens playing a cosmic joke on us

Kirsty Wynn (Herald): Billionaire 'part-Kiwi' cuts ties with Trump

Christopher Adams (Herald): Trump 'worst scenario' for NZ investors

Kirsty Wynn (Herald): Kiwi model Kylie Bax defends Donald Trump

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Andrew Little met Clinton campaign staff, has name misspelt

Funding community agencies

Simon Collins (Herald): Tracking agency clients 'not surveillance' - Govt

Simon Collins (Herald): Tighter surveillance on social funding 'may scare people off seeking help'

Simon Collins (Herald): Budgeters 'in shock' as a third lose state funding

Local government

Luke Appleby (TVNZ): Auckland mayoral candidate three times the limit after rear-ending mother and kids

Luke Appleby (TVNZ): Mandatory criminal checks for council candidates? Academics say no

Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Is the crisis of the media a crisis for local democracy?

Jennifer Eder (Stuff): Marlborough man charged with graffiti on election signs, road signs


Paul Little (Herald): Violence against kids is not okay

Matthew Bannister (Public Address): "The Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts"


Colin James (ODT): Dribble politics: quenching policy hotspots

Matt Nippert (Herald): Government phones hacked in hotel-room break-in

Sam Sachdeva (Stuff): Damning Nauru report shows NZ must take refugees: Amnesty International

Hilary Stace (Briefing Papers):‘Mental disorder’, autism and human rights

David Slack (Stuff): Irredeemably policy-driven

Jonathan Milne (Stuff): Tolerance of Trump's assaults on women shows we've stopped talking to each other

Brian Gould: Kindness and Helen Kelly

Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Lift your game, KiwiSaver providers told

RNZ:Call to ban Thames anti-abortion protests

Herald Editorial: Gerry Brownlee should stick to his guns

Nicholas Jones (Herald): Cricket star to join John Key on India trip

Steve Braunias (Herald): Secret Diary of the Aaron Smith Crisis

Rachel Smalley (Newstalk ZB): Aaron Smith frenzy shows NZ's petty side

DominionPost Editorial: How we should remember our civil war

Jono Galuszka (Stuff): Whanganui MP Chester Borrows in court on careless driving charge

Herald: Georgina Beyer on 'incredible shame' of going on the benefit

Tom Peters (WSW): Australian government hails New Zealand’s brutal welfare system

David Seymour, Jacinda Ardern: (Stuff): David v Jacinda: Bureaucracy gets in the whey

Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Brexit has Brits queuing up to come to NZ

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Inside the NZ government's preparation for driverless cars

Natasha Johnson (Spinoff): ‘I fear for the future of my family’: A mother of mixed-raced children on why she’s scared to be raising them in New Zealand

No Right Turn: A rich man's bubble

RNZ: Ignore gender gap, risk missing out - HR expert

Lee Suckling (Stuff): Rape culture is everywhere ... and something we all live with

Tao Lin (Stuff): Women of Influence winners announced

Laura Walters (Stuff): Here's what you need to know about childcare

David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Fibre connections double in a year

Felix Marwick (Newstalk ZB): MPs set to pass Bill giving payment hike to live organ donors

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