NBR takes a new step into the future of digital news

Launch of new service.
NBR TODAY is a three-to-four minute evening summary of NBR's main stories.

Another first for NBR today, as we launch a daily news service for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

NBR TODAY is a four to five minute evening summary of the main stories that NBR’s journalists have been working on during the day, plus a heads-up about a featured story for the next day.

Five days a week, the best of NBR’s articles and interviews will be wrapped into this bulletin and presented mostly by NBR’s Grant Walker for subscribers and non subscribers to access on demand, as it will NOT be behind the paywall.

The content will be taken from the stories that set NBR apart – business, politics, technology, law, property and lifestyle, plus the analysis and opinion provided by our team of expert commentators.

The new service will be in the hands of executive producer and co-presenter Imogen Atkins, who explains why NBR TODAY is such a vital addition to NBR’s growing online video service: “It’s exciting that NBR is leading the way in this digital media revolution with our own unique spin and NBR TODAY is proof we are adapting and responding to what subscribers want – news at your fingertips.”

‘Leading the way’ is exactly what  NBR will continue to do as we increase our video content to provide several hours a day of the latest news and analysis for subscribers, on demand and commercial-free.

Subscribers will, of course, continue to benefit from being able to watch extended interviews and read more in-depth articles, behind the paywall, to back up every story featured on NBR TODAY.

NBR is proud that only a year after first launching the online video service, NBR View, we have the capability to showcase the best of our content with this latest offering.

It is also testament to the huge commitment NBR has made to digital technology, NBR chief technology officer Michael Bach says.

“The freedom that we are enjoying as we lead the way in the world of digital media can only be realised with the right level of investment. This investment has been made and we now know that we can provide new online services like NBR TODAY to better deliver and engage with our audience.”

We can proudly boast of video content that is commercial-free and uncompromising in quality.

We are New Zealand’s authority in breaking business news and analysis and that won’t change with our present team of journalists and commentators.

What WILL change is the volume of online video content we offer.

And that starts today with NBR TODAY.

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