New security on NBR Online

Homepage of NBR Website.

NBR is introducing a  new website policy from early next week that may affect subscribers accessing the website from multiple devices.

Previously there was no limit on the number of devices a subscriber could use to access NBR’s website simultaneously.

The new policy will limit subscribers to simultaneous logins on two devices at a time.

Users seeking to log in on more than two devices will receive a message that they have reached their device limit.

A subscriber receiving that message should simply log out of one of the devices they’re using and the session will again be available to them.

Alessandro Benintende,  chief executive and creative director of Auckland-based digital agency Nero Motion, says subscribers will still be able to access NBR on any device for which they have subscribed but can be logged into only two at a time.  

“The devices can be switched at any time,” he says.

This is a standard security feature of many online subscription services such as Spotify, Netflix, and Sky.

NBR owner Todd Scott says rather than ratchet the access price for our members to cover those breaching copyright by sharing passwords, “we have taken the same approach as many other software-as-a-service providers and tightened up access to intended users.”

The move also provides subscribers protection against unauthorised access to their account, which could lead to other people making comments under their name without permission.

NBR chief technology officer Michael Bach says NBR's new team of website developers has been working tirelessly to improve the user experience after a “somewhat rocky start” to the website redesign launched in August.

While we continue to refine and improve the NBR online experience, here are some of the new developments we’ve made over the past couple of months.

  • a new daily email layout that is easier to read and engage with;
  • introduction of the NBR Today video wrap of the top stories daily;
  • a politics newsletter headed by Inquest on a Friday covering the week’s events in Parliament;
  • a simplified login and sign-up process;
  • easier to navigate ‘My NBR’ section; and
  • increased security features including IP registration function and session counter.

If you have any further questions about this or any of the new updates above, please contact us at

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