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ASB and Droga5 launch a digital 'world first'

Mon, 06 Dec 2010

ASB has launched another phase of its campaign, titled “Lost – a mobile adventure”.

Agency Droga5 reckons it’s a digital world-first.

It’s understood to be the pet project of creative head Mike O’Sullivan.

The episode took place yesterday and wound up as a mobile advertisement for the bank’s mobile services to – you guessed it – its mobile audience.

The story follows a screenwriter on Twitter called @AlpacAndy who recruits his personal banker Luke to help him find his lost iPad.

It used active participants in real locations and tied it all up with social media and mobile.

Fifty people were involved, starting the search for the lost iPad at ASB in Ponsonby.

They were given clues where to go next – but each episode (with clues) could only be watched in the location in which it was filmed.

It’s a tricky one to get your head around if you’re not a social media/mobile/gamer sort but even to the uninitiated, it seems rather nifty.

Those involved were chasing prizes such as iPads and smartphones.

Droga5 used Twitter to recruit participants – including a cameo of Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Twitter personalities such as the effervescent @belindanash, @giapo and @Jayson_Bryant were involved.

Zip to the website to watch it and find out more.

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ASB and Droga5 launch a digital 'world first'