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BBC business journo reflects on changing media imperatives

‘The main role of broadcast media these days is not so much reporting specific facts but providing analysis of why you should care' 

Nick Grant
Thu, 05 Jan 2017

Ben Thompson has worked for the BBC in various roles and countries, initially on radio and then television over the past 15 years.

These days he’s the co-host of BBC Business Live, which screens globally.

On a recent trip to New Zealand Mr Thompson spoke to NBR about how the gathering, delivery and consumption of news have changed during the past decade and a half and the implications this has for organisations operating in a rapidly changing media landscape (listen to the full interview by clicking on the audio box above).

Among those topics traversed are:

  • the way digitalisation of media has changed the way in which news is gathered and disseminated, and the importance of reporters not getting caught up in the race to be first, rather than right;
  • what Brexit illustrated about the need for media organisations to rethink the way they present complex issues to the public;
  • the ever-increasing importance of earning – and keeping – the audience's trust, and the processes that must be in place to achieve this; and
  • how social media to some extent ameliorates the increasingly asymmetrical relationship between public relations and journalism.

BBC Business Live is a daily, half-hour show bringing an international perspective on the big business news stories of the day, broadcasting across the globe on BBC World News. In New Zealand it screens on SKY Channel 089.

Nick Grant
Thu, 05 Jan 2017
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BBC business journo reflects on changing media imperatives